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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Falling In Love All Over Again

You'll feel like everything in the world doesn't seems special anymore. It isn't about why you feel that way, but it is just what you could emote from what is left. My entire life, I always felt that I was and still am just a regular person. But you gave me that ray of light that made me feel special.

I didn't wanna run, I wanna stay. New York City has always been a special place to me. People express themselves freely. It is a place where hearts beats together and you'll fall in love all over again. For once, I felt I belong. The sounds of the city synchronize in perfect harmony. Every touch, every kiss felt never ending and is this all I have?

For a beauty like this, it's just so surreal, you know that it wouldn't last. I am not being a bad apple, but we both know, there is nothing we could do to patch things up. I let everything consume me. For now, being with you just seems to let everything settled.

Every night, the touches from the tips of your fingers, soothes the desire to fight. Giving in to every breath we left. The wants of a perfect body and soul just merely an idea of a fantasy. Knowingly that what was left for us just right here. One day, when that time when we part, it will serve as deep dark beautiful memory. Everything that were wrong felt right. It is just like falling in love all over again.

Maybe it is the spell of New York City. They say, it will always be a city you'll fall in love with and will make you fall in love with it all over again and again. For all it's worth, it takes my mind off of all the pain. Being in love is a beauty, but being in love with each other is a perfection that life could offer.


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