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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Keeps Me Going

I know I haven't been really blogging about anything personal lately, (Besides reblogging my crazy obsessions with aviation). I have like a million things in my mind right now, and I really wanted to somehow deal with it. But I realize one thing that is there is only so much I can do. For some reasons, I just want to hide away and let it slowly fade away. But I know that isn't possible to begin with.

But there is so much that is going on too. Good things. Cow tied the knot with Brand! When I got her video after, I was like so happy for her! I remembered the time when "Those Single Souls" thinking where our lives really would go. But that is another story. And Glintan and I came up with a new name for her, "Sup Lembu Hitam" Don't ask me why, I won't even will bring this up like ever. But really happy for her! And her Christmas Album is out TODAY! Super super proud of her! If you get it on iTunes or amazon, there will only be 14 tracks on it. If you get the Target , they have exclusively seal 16 tracks! And I have to say, Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel is just hauntingly beautiful! It's available worldwide! If you haven't get it, GET IT NOW! It's so cheesey and cheeky! It is like my anti depressant for the past few weeks!

On the other note, I have to cancel my Taipei trip. I am missing out this humanitarian mission this year. But I guess nothing comes first besides my health at the moment. It has been tough last night. But I hope it will gets better.

Moving on, I guess that I got a lot to deal with my body. Not really in the mood to talk about it just yet. But I guess it's just a part of keep going on. But I am overwhelm by all the emails from all over. I wanted to share this particular email I've receive. It really meant a lot to me Ryan. Thank you for being patient on my nonsensical post most of the time. 


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