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Sunday, October 20, 2013


A memory that we held is one thing that keep us going no matter what the circumstances can be. We might be missing that moment that we have. Subconsciously, it was just the exact thing we wanted to hold on. A smoke screen is all you needed to have to make things ok.

Maybe it was the mojo that has been drain off. All I see now, it is just me standing at the edge yet again. I got nothing left to hold on. But I also have nothing to lose. Now here I am at where I wanted to be. Laying down together at where I belong. All I ever need is what I have. 

All I did was waiting. Just waited for the right time to come. The right time, the right person, the right moment, and all doesn't even have to make sense. You don't need a place to begin with, or you don't need a reason to have. Wanting more isn't a bad thing, and all I see was just so much doubts floating in you. How could you ever not see that how beautiful you are?

All of the thoughts we waste
Under the weight of the world

All of the time we spend
with the weight of the world

Don't miss you ways
Don't miss your leaving

All of the lies we bent
Under the weight of the world
Caught beaten by the edge
Of the weight of the world

Long live this pain
Long live this feeling

Don't need to change
Need to believe in
Here I hide...

Blind and childish
I won't fight it
Here I hide
Underneath my innocence


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