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Saturday, June 2, 2012


At this point, I was really thinking of the few options that I have left in my hands. I grew anxious and nervous. But what I could say that I gotta have a little more faith in me. The journey is about to begin. But the least I have is something to remember and all the love and blessing from all my friends. The only thing that I am really glad is to one of the most important people I have in life, I will be seeing him tomorrow. But I still do not know how to drop the bomb to him. I am pretty sure he will be taking it well.

I finally talked to Mr D about the journey today. And as usual, he is like finally! Kinda hate that he always rape what I am thinking in my mind. But I am honoured to have him all this while. He played a great part in my life. Showing the most important thing life could share. Love and faith. I do not know how to thank enough for everything he had changed my life.

Sitting here at the edge of the bed, listening to Adele Hometown Glory. Flowing in with her voice and letting the music overpower me. I feel every bit that I am. Being alive, being to feel pain, being able to love, being able to breath. Being able to live the wonder of my world.

To live is to embrace fear and pain. With love, we conquer fear and pain. The melody was living within me and it was purely just like a dream. Totally naked, just me without anything on. No mask, no pretence, no fear, no pain and no shame. Letting everything of the words bring me into that part that I have no visited in months. I grew in the beauty of fear. But I embraced the pain. Knowingly it is an unknown journey but I will prevail. Everything now is in place. Everything is falling into place but health. The wealth of living on. I let it grow stronger and letting myself go tonight. Being naked lying on the floor without the fear of being judge.


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