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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thoughts And Love

I am thankful with everyone that who wrote to me. From friends to all the survivors out there. I think one thing we have in common that is we know that this will be a very lonely and tough path to stroll through. I am really sorry that I haven't had the chance to sit down and write back to all of you one by one. 

I promise once things are better, I will take the time to write back to each and everyone of you. I am just thankful I have all the blessings and prayers from y'all.

  1. Nancy Nelson 
    You are a survivor and such a trouper Ricky!!! Things will get better with time.
  2. James and Susan Heldstab 
    Rick this is great that you are posting a blog. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Keep up the faith:)
  3. Darcy Fredrickson 
    Eric, so sorry to hear your news. Heard of your surgery and hope that all is well. You are a survivor and things will get better they just take time. Be patient and let your partner help you along the way. Hoping to see you out on that bicycle sometime this summer.
  4. steven lambert 
    Sory to hear about the cancer .Hope everything turns out for the best.I AM SURE IT WILL.To help things a long I wll say a prayer for you.
  5. Sue Cody 
    Hi Ricky,
    Wow so sorry to hear that you have to fight with this awful disease. Can’t believe it came up again so suddenly. You are a strong man and I know you will be able to kick this. You are a survivor alright! Hope to get down to see you sometime soon. Will you be doing treatments also? Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
  6. Willis Lee 
    Glad to hear everthing is coming along for the best. I feel that you are a strong fighter. Follow the Doctors orders and pray and every will be alright. Willis.
  7. Julie Monson 
    Hi Eric,
    I heard about the cancer from Jason. I’m so sorry you have to go through this AGAIN, but with the Lord and Leo on your side, you can face anything. You’ve always had a great attitude and I’m sure that your sense of humor makes it easier for all of you. Kevin & I have been praying for you. 
  8. Sister Barb 
    Need an update, even though I talk to you somewhat regularly

  9. Ilka Flood 
    Hi Eric,
    I am so very sorry. That must be a scary feeling. You know, medicine has advanced so much in recent years and from what I read chances of surviving this form of cancer are pretty high when it is caught. So keep thinking positive!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. Steve King 
    eric, i am a computer idiot. finally found this to reply to you. i don’t think my emails to the frontier deal are getting through, also, i clicked on the contact button and sent you something in there. i hope you get it somehow, it was really good stuff, ha, ha.
    thinking of you all the time. read your “Live Today With My All Series” you are a very inspirational person.
    nothing can help you more than your attitude and you have the best. just wanted to let you know i’m trying to reach you dang it! guess i could call but never know when is best and my fingers don’t fit into that rotary dial anymore.
    take care and prayers are always being said.
  11. nick catricala 
    Hey Eric,
    thanks for all your automatic emails messages about airliners… I am exploring your blog here and I come across this page… HOW ARTE YOU DOING these days? My wish is that you are doing well in every way and in the event that your health side is not going as great as you want… please connect with me… I have some info that may be of interest to you in regard to colon cancer (nothing to buy…)
    Thanks again for all your messages and look forward to chat with you in person soon.

  12. John Rollow 
    I just happened on your site here in the group and noticed the colon cancer tab. Where are the posts on your process with that?
    I am a colon cancer survivor. Spring 1996 diagnosed, had surgery, followed by chemo and radiation therapy. Have a colostomy. But healthy and cancer free (at least from that one).
    I’ve also had a heart attack and now diabetic neuropathy. And my life style keeps getting healthier and healthier as I learn more about what a healthy life style really is (altho my whole life was a pretty healthy one).
    Best of luck. Keep posting.


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