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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trapped In Time

In a world of sin and desire, I have also become your slave.
At any point, I paid a price that caused me so much of miseries.
No one to blame, no one to turn to, I take everything up as a man.
In so many other ways, the pain is really nothing compare what the heart has caused.
I am now at a point of making a change in life. I have made too many mistakes in life.
The one that I really with take to my grave is the one that I have hurt the person I love.

As of today, my parent called me up just as usual saying hi.
And suddenly, " How are things going between you two now? "

I kept silence, I was being taken by surprise. I do not know how to react to that statement.
I wish I would be able to say that things are going to be fine. But somehow, I think we know where we are heading towards. At least for me I know where my path lays.
For months now, I have been going through that feeling of emptiness, hoplessness, and sadness.
But in many ways, I know things gonna be just fine. I am and will be well.
Life may be tough but it isn't as tough as I thought it would be.

The mind comes to a point where it makes me feel that life is worth living.
At least to me it is. living in remorse, living to a future which is uncertain, living towards a hope.
This is what keeping going on. This is what I will be holding on.
All for what is within me will always stay within.
I will live my life my way. I will work through everything that I have made my mind up.
With love, faith, dreams and hope. This is my way.
The path may be very hard now, but towards where I am heading.
It is worth every bit of effort to be well in life.


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