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Friday, April 24, 2009

A trip never to be forgotten~~~

Sorry haven't really been posting anything here~ I am back now and this is the least I can Share with all of you guys here~~ This is my trip to Vietnam~~ A trip that emotionally, knowledge and culture rich experience~
Just to share this moment, this feeling, these culture~ Every paart and moment been through~ It is one of my best time in my life~ I wrote this day by day~ Just wanna share every feeling I've been through during this trip~ Hope you guys would enjoy as much as I did~

(Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Vietnam)
3rd April 2009
From 12am till 4am~~~ I was rushing to find a camera and packing all my stuff.
It was kinda cool in a way. nearly thought of not going in a way while I nearly gave up on packing all my stuff. But... In another I really wanna go~~~

Elena drove me to LCCT at 5am. Reached there about 6am. Had a shut eye while she was driving.
After check in and stuff~ Had my hash brown at Mcd. Texting all my love ones that i will be leaving soon.

I was kinda frustrated with AirAsia. Damn... everyone seems like wanna get best seats!!!( For christ sakes.. Seats are numbered!!!!) my flight took off at 720am~~ I jus slept all the way.. was too tired!!!

8.55am I landed in Ho Chi Minh City.. Feeling kinda tired~ Damn... no one is queuing up here!!!! Damn!!!! That ticket cost me 100USD!!! and i jus sat at the terminal and sleep!!! (like an idiot.. i know)

About noon Local time I found the buses fare and places to go. Too Bad wasn't enuf time for me to go around. First stop i went to CT Plaza~ OMG@@!@!#!#%#@!$#%!@# No one knows what is McD!!!!
KFC sucks here~~ It is sour!!!!

Left at 3pm~ It started to rain and i am damn sleepy again~~~
Took a bus to Thien Hao Temple! Looks very old~~ lol.. i still like KL Thien Hou Gong~

At 4pm I start to feel bored~ Went online. Yay!!! Bae & my 2 sai lou also online!!
Dunno why feel like bae is down or something~ Anyway hope I was there to cheer u up with my stupid face! My sai lou is missing his ex too... Common... u can overcome this... I know it takes time... there are many more gurls out there for you... tai lou support u always!!! andother one feeling troubled too.... but both of you are such wonderful people... Hugss
( missing my BebE sister!!!!)

6.00pm Dong Khoi Street
it is jus like our petaling street. But more weird stuff there... So far I loved it so much... Vietnam is not that bad~ But ppl just don't queue up!!!! (uncivilized)

7pm Sitting at the shops here having my vietnamese Burger!! Consist of Salami, " Char Siew " Cheese and lettuce with friend onion!!! weird but really nice~~~ But... thinking of you again :-( lol... but having fun!!!!

930pm I am confused!!! Should I go online or should i not???? Lol... this is so stupid!@!!!

1030pm I went back to the station taking the bus back to airport!!!

End of Day one!!! More to come... Lol...
So far I am having Fun in Ho Chi Minh. Can't wait for Hanoi tomolo!!!!

Checking in at 5am... Back in terminal at 1145pm.. slept at the chairs...

C you guys soon!!!!

( Hanoi, Northern Vietnam )
4th April 2009

At 4am in the morning, I was awaken by a sms~ It just brought a smile to me~
Today, a series of weird things happened. I wasn't as excited as I was as yesterday. At this moment writing this, I sort of feeling the pain of others going thru DEATH~~~ I see someone who is dying on the road. Yet no one is there to help~ Everyone was jus standing there looking at the guy. lying lifelessly on the ground. I was really trying to hold back all my tears... Many memories relived at this moment~

I have loads to write at first, But now it seems like everything doesn't really matters anymore.
I was feeling that person mom or dad waiting at home. Or his wife or girlfriend waiting somewhere to meet him~~ or worst, his kids at home~~~ I really dunno what to say.. this is a nice city. Yet this incident sort of strike me. On the awareness... How can there be such thing happened?

I wouldn't want my parents or my loved ones to wait for me~
In many ways~~ I am really confused~~~
Dunno what is right to do or what is wrong to do~~~
I really dunno how to put it in words on how those ppl will feel, I really dunno what to do now.
God, Please take my hand... show me the way...

A lot of things in this world i must agree that is more painful than death~~~

I will never let anyone i love to go thru this phrase~~~
The story for today will be updated in a few days time. I really wanna find that kinda feeling of excitment and joy~
Even I do not know that person who is struggling for his life, but i really feel you.
I can't bear to see you in pain or your family~
I know what is like losing a family member or love ones~~
God, help this world to be a better place~~~

I hope you are well, your family member are ok. I still believe you are alive~

(Sapa, Northern Vietnam)
4th April 2009

Hanoi is a wonderful place to see. Colorful yet a place where there is in need of serious civilization.
What basically happen to us here is just a series of bad experience. First we both got cheated... or in better word to describe is we both are being robbed!! By ladies who is selling pineapples.
This sucks~~~ The jus put the basket and hat on us and wanting money from us.

Secondly was the accident we saw earlier where no one is able to do anything.

Anyway that is not the point. We had a quiet dinner and went back to the lodge to rest. At 730pm we both were sent to the train station. We had an 8 hour trip on the train. It was kinda ok. Had a good rest. We reach Lao Cai around 530am and the bus took us to Sapa. A long and wonderful trip.very wonderful. I hope my brother was with me here. He would love all the sights here. Anyway will write more about Sapa later that is for day 3. Lol...

OMG~~ I just love the weather here. It is just wonderful~~

Missing everyone back there.

Today we reach Lao Chai town about 530am. I had a good night sleep on the train with 2 Aussie gurls.
Jenny and Anita(both from Melbourne). Talk about Suki a lot.. Lol... Dear... you owe me managing fee.. Lol...

Anyway once there we waited for the pick ups.
Had a long journey on a van. very very beautiful place.

This is totally out of my expectation. I guess after this trip,I've learn so much~~ I think for Malaysian who had the chance to come here. There are so much to learn, to feel, to embrace and to blend. I guess we have to be more contempt on what we have. I will upload the pictures soon and you will know what am I trying to convey.

We were here at the hotel,checked in and everything. We had a local as our tour guide. An aborigines and her name is "pheng".

She took us to "cat cat" village. It is wet!!!!!!! It was raining so heavily. We both got our shoe soaking WET!!!! But luckily there is a laundry that dry shoes... Its only 30000 Doong so its about like 3bucks in Ringgit.

It was quiet ok there at the village.Nothing much but cute pigs and doggys... lol...
we went back to our room and took our bath... freshen up ourselves...

We went to Sapa Market after that. It was quite nice.Things are really different. I went to church to pray as told by Se Young~~~ That is something between me n Him so I'm not gonna write it here. Lol...

We were hunting for Pringles... Sadly... non of them had it...

We went back to the hotel after that. Had our dinner and we decided to head back to bed. I dunno why suddenly things starts to roll into me. Maybe the night? or maybe just the emotions which is so strong.. I went for a drink with the bartender. had quite a chat... I was missing "you" Hope that everything will be ok. I was having so much in mind and I was really hoping you were here to hold me and tell me things are going to be ok~~~~

Suddenly~~~ You text me~~~ I tot it was time for me to open up to you... I'll be missing you everyday every moment~~~ I hope that things will turn out well for you no matter what happen~~

I head back to the room and I had a good sleep after that!!!

(Sapa, Northern Vietnam)
6th April 2009

As early as 630am I got up and took my hot bath. Still lingering around a bad night i had~ Anyway I thought that What the hell~~~ This is an important trip to me cuz it is part of my life plan to have something memorable~ I wouldn't care much. After I've taken my bath, wake up that bum bum~~~ We took our lovely breakfast~~ Damn, it is spicy... We had noodles.

Then we rent our boot~~~ ( Sorry guys... at this particular moment my brain is not working now~~~ Fucked up by all the honks on the road with a lot of "civilize" people.)

Oh ya.. we went trekking to Muong Hoa Valley.
Meet up with our same cute guide "Pheng"... Today we walk and climb and slide n fall n crawl n jump... and... i dunno wat more... the treks are all passing by rivers, rocks, moutains, "shits" (all kinds of), grasslands, muds, cute XXX ... (up to your imaginations) It was really nice by climbing up and down.. (suki dear.. i guess u would rather die if you are here.. Elena, u must come here... when u return you would be miss world.) Lol.. jus joking... we trek on the small trails going through Yiilinhho Village (Village to the Black H'mong tribe) <- like i know a thing about it..Lol...
The pictures we took is just wonderful... you guys will understand when you look at it.

And one highlights, When the pictures are ready, Guys... Look at what is their living conditions... I guess you guys need to google and look around what we have.. I think we all should jus shut up and stop complaining about life back in Malaysia.

We had our lunch in the Village, Pictures are available soon. We finish up everything. The experience with the black H'mong people life it is just wonderful. They had a strong blend of Thai and chinese culture.

At the end of the treking, we realise something. Our Guide is a pregger!!!! OMG!!!!! I can't believe with all the climbing, running down slopes, and... I am speechless. And it is four months now!!! She is just lovely... We talk about a lot of things like her family, her husband, the other wife, kids... man... and when she sings while walking us to our hotel, That feeling.. mixture of sincerity, hard life, and contempment and inner happiness where she finds even with a hard working life she had.
(anyway i wanna say something.. MAN is vietnam is useless... they jus sit at home, eat, fuck, sleep and drink!!! The ladies are the people who work hard for the family.there are exceptions... but those are minority)

Anyway, we went back to our hotel, took our early dinner and get ready to leave to the train station back to Hanoi. Another whole 8 hours train ride back. On our way to the train station on the bus. Guys... you wouldn't believe it. I Black out!!!! Man... I dunno what is happening either. plus that is another story.

We got a 2015 train... Man... I wish to see Jenny and Anita again.
Hopefully there are no old asian who share our coach together with us.!! And damn I am cursed!!!! 2 old ladies... weird ones... who wanna turn off the air conditioner. really really weird... came into our coach. I was like damn shitty that time.

Suddenly... 2 familiar faces... Jenny and Anita... We were like jumping up and down!!!! Yay.... and the whole night... 4 of us are like crazy cows... closing the lights on the train, knocking on peoples doors. laughing and taking a hell lot of pictures.. ... Guys I am gonna miss you a lot..

Anyway today is a day where my emotions doesn't really swings. May i think the more i miss you the more i am afraid to see you. I hope you are well there. Miss all of you guys back there too... More to come.. Love you guys so much...

P/S About the cute XXX I mention earlier on top. Time to share some nice pic of them. Lol...

( Ha Long Bay North Western Vietnam )
7th April 2009

We reach Hanoi at 5am in the morning~~ The two weird ladies are really annoying!! I wanted to just shout at them and ask them to be more civilize!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Anyway, we parted ways with Jenn and Anita, and really... FUCK ME HARD!!!! I forget to get their email address!!!! All their pictures are with me!!!
I wanna keep in touch with you guys~~Sad d..

Yet... we can't find our pickups at the train station!!! damn... I seriously need a bath!!!!! Frus frus frus~~~ decided to take a cab back to our guest house!
Luckily, someone is there to open the door for us~ We got a room and just took our bath! After having our breakfast, we waited for our so call "Luxury Bus" to get us at the guest house! OMG~~ I dunno how to describe.

But on the other hand, This trip for us to Ha Long Bay is full of Americans... 3 for Washington and 2 New Yorkers~ As usual, we are the only Malaysian~( I seriously think that it is kinda cool being M'sian as everyone seems to be so impressed with the amout of language we can really speak.) LOL...

The bus took like 3.5 hours from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay!!!! damn... this is just... i dunno wat to say... not really torturing~~ But... WORST!!!! Anyway we reached the dock approximately at noon...
OMG!!! Everywhere is selling PRINGLES!!!! lol... We got like 2 bottles... waited for everyone and went on to our so call Junk!( it meant boat here in Vietnam or I jus dunno why... ) lol...

Our room number was 205!!! and before that we we seated at the tables where we have our meals... ( OMG) i was so afraid that the married couples will come over to us... luckily, the new yorkers came to us!! Lol.. Ellen and Gillian~~ OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG~~~They are like so funny!!!! Love them to death!!!!

Ellen was like dare me to climb the ledder on the highest deck on the junk!!! Lol... Ellen, u owe me 1 dollar!! ( i know this sound stupid but we were bored) lol... Gillian was like one of the best imitators u can find~ She is working in China!!! Wonderful~~ She speaks Mandarin!!!

The deck was just a lovely spot~~ Took like a lot of damn funny photos and videos here. We went Kayaking at first!!! Then we went to this weird lime stone cave!!! Looks real but a bit~~~ Lol... use you imaginations guys~~~ We are like IDIOTS in the cave, posing and grabbing pics like a whore!!! Lol.. ( officially we are Cam Whores )

Kayaking was FUN!!! I was being tease being a virgin on that!!!! bleks.. MY GOD !! It is not wrong to be a virgin for kayaking!!!! I was like rowing at the wrong sides... I made Nick crazy... we knock on other boats~~~ Lol... i was having serious fun~~~

After that we went to the beach!!! Lol.. Had the best pictures there... best videos.. Me, Nick, Ellen n Gillian were like chaking our butts everywhere and it was all on video!!! Lol...(dun worry.. U guys will see it soon!!!) the sun set was just beautiful, and i was kinda holding that emotions back. I guess everyone was so having fun~ It was so beautiful till i hope "u" were here to see it with me><

FUCK!!! I forgot!!! Nick , Ellen and Gillian was making me into a women... damn... my butt hurts sitting on that hard rock!!! I dunno what to pose~~ it was so cliche~~~ lol... But everyone had a good laugh~~

Oh ya this one more detail. On the boat, we are not suppose to bring our own liquor on it or if not they will be charging us a fee or some sort like that. Ellen and Gillian are jus Geniuses~~ They manage to buy a bottle of Vodka... Which taste like~~ I dunno... But is was good... They like got it up to the junk and after dinner, we got our own cokes, went up to the deck and started to drink n talk shit!! But I love Gillian's life!!! I wanna be a PORN SELLER!!!! I wish i was like you~~ with all the weird experience!!! love it!!!! anyway, with the liquor and beautiful night skies with all the stars... I still can't resist the feeling of missing " YOU " I walk back to our cabin and whole night wishing u were here to hug me and be with me~~~ Nitez~~~ and i glided into my own dream world~~~~

(Ha Long Bay To Hanoi )
was wake by the rays of lights shine through the window pane. I walk up to the deck alone. I know everyone is still sleeping very soundly at this hour. It was just 5am. the view was so amazing i dunno what shud i say about it. I know you are still in your dreams. I just wish u were here and hugging u in the cold breeze blew on my face.

The view~ Wonderful. Simply speechless~ With the thick mist on the calm sea, Junks stop and floating with the rays of sun.
you will never see this with me i thought in my heart. But maybe this is just best for us. Any further i do think it will just be another disaster in the making. in many ways i hope that you will be well and happy always~ i spend about 1 and a half hour on the quiet deck thinking every thing we have been through so far. Bae~ I missed you so much~

I went back to the room and i fell asleep~~~~

(back to something non emo lol....)

Stupid nick hit me by waking me up!!!!! ( such a loser )

We got up to deck... wow.. its nearly 8 in the morning. everyone is there waiting for our breakie to be served. Lol... but in a way... i know that we are parting ways with the gurls from NYC. (oh... actually from china... LOL...) I was like taking photo non stop of them.. And we actually made a pack to meet up when we are back in Hanoi. They are going to spend another night in Ha Long Bay. We were like nuts on the junk.. I guess we are the only table who finishes all our food. (mom.. I've been a good boy listening to ya. I did not waste my food.. Lol..)

Anyway about 9am, they left on another Junk. we were sitting n lying on the deck. Nick went missing out of a sudden. I went looking for him. I saw him standing there in front of the Junk. Alone. he seems troubled in his mind. I guess he is missing his special someone back home. Nick, I feel what you feel. I really wish to console u but i know at the end of the day it will make u feel much more worst. I went to the back of the deck sitting there alone~ ( that is another story to tell )

Later i went to the front~ Standing there looking at the beauty of the horizon~ The Junk was so slow today. I guess it was just buying some time so we wont be waiting that long after we were on land~
We dock roughly about 11 in the morning. It was crazy!!!! ships are everywhere!!! we went there and found a sit. Hope to rush on our bus earlier to have a better seat as u know both of us has like crazy long legs. It hurts so much!!!!


I saw them again. The cute couple... I was like crazy over them( the cute XXX on my sapa notes)!! lol.. i know i sound like an idiot here. lol.. but it was out of fun. and a but of desperado i guess.. lol... I wanna walk up to say hi.. but.. as usual... my fren nick... was like CONTROL YOURSELF!!!!
sadly... i listen ( i also dunno why i am so obedient ) i just follow!!! Thinking back i now feel i am like an idiot myself! lol...

Anyway we had our lunch and took a long way back to Hanoi. For the first time me n nick wasnt asleep at all. We were sharing about life and what have we beem through so far. It was a good conversation. I am really glad to get to know nick as a person more. I am really impressed with what you have been through. I wish you well for you findings in the future~ If you ever need anything remember i am here to support you till the very end~~~

Now thinking back on what I have done on this particular day seems so hard!!! damn.. I really regret by not writing it down now n then. FUCK MY BRAINS HARD!!!

Back to the story. We were back at our guest house around 430pm. Hmmm... more and more people are here. @ hot freaking Chicks from France!!! damn.,.. Sisters... my imagination starts running wild.. Lol.. that is private!! Lol...Groups from HK, and the states. we took our bath and went out walking in the City of Hanoi. Damn... it was really beautiful at night.. we decided to go on KFC... ( I know i complaint about it but it wasn't my call) man...
There is a little story behind KFC. But i guess i better keep quiet about it for now or else I think Nick will chop my head off. Lol.. by the way let me say this out loud!!!!! Nick, u8 r a very good fren. but.. u r a LOSER!!! Lol... anyone wanna know ask him.. Lol..

After that we walk though the city.. looking at the colours and beauty of a culture u will never see in Malaysia. Even it is a bit scary!! lol..

When we went back to the guest house. Things are kinda different. We were using the pc chatting. I got kinda emo at that moment. seems lost... after a while i decided not to continue but went back to the room n i think time to run away from reality ~ For what happens... It will remains only within me~ ~ It was the most memorable night in Vietnam by far~~

9th April 2009

I really don't even know how to start,
I really don't even know how to write.
Sitting here for a few hours I really can't do it~ But i know the show must go on~

Lying on the bed~ Don't even know what to do~ The point of guilt is burning wildly inside of me~
After I text Feebz, My family called~ Lord~ Oh Lord, showing all your kindness to me, and love~ Mom, thanks for everything~ All the pain vanish into the morning breeze~~~

After taking my bath, rush down to have my breakie~~~
Same old, toast and cheese. Today was a not so exciting day~ We are having a day tour around the city~~~ I will show u guys pictures instead of writing~ The whole day i wasn't feeling well~~~

First we went to the former President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

It is kinda creepy thou~~~ But to me, the carcass looks really fake~~~ Jus like a wax body~~~

Then we went to the museum and stuff... Below are the pics.

I was all in pain through out the trip in the morning~
Maybe i ate something wrong~? Or... ( I am MAD)
Anyway after all those places, we went for the water puppet show which is the highlight!!!!
Video already available in my profile~~~~ Feel free to view~~~~

We went back to our guest house for a rest after that~
I was having a good time thou~ But just don't know why~ Maybe today is about the heat~ It was the worst since we got here~ Took our bath, and we had some rest~ Later in the evening, we went out for dinner~ Looking for Korean food~ Ms Ling ( our host ) direct us to some nice Korean restaurant~ I meant really really nice ones~~ But damn... it wasn't open~ we walk almost 5km. So we decided to walk back to another Korean Restaurant near we had KFC yesterday~
this is the view from the restaurant~ while we were walking towards the restaurant, Ellen & Gillian called us up~~ Man~~ I was like on junks~~ Instant High!!!!

We met up after dinner~~~ walk around bargaining back packs, went for coffee... and best thing is, all four of us bought the same Vietnam t-shirt~~~

it was so cool~~~It was one of the best nights, We talk a lot, took loads of photos, and dance in the restaurant~~~ this is jus wonderful~~~ When we parted~~ All of us holding back our tears~~ We walk back and deep down~~ I know it's my last day of my trip~ I was severely fighting for a hope, a hope that never come~ which is when i was awake It was just the first day in Vietnam~ I don't want difference, I don't wanna face the fact of reality~ I don't want to face the pain~ But like an old saying~ Every good thing has to come to an end~


  1. Hi Ric, i jst came back frm Hanoi recently...did we see each other at there? hahaha~

    I skip out Ho chih Minh City. Jst went for the halong bay, Sapa and Hanoi City only...

    The waterfall i saw was the same with urs...but much much much more cleaner...

    cheer up dude... everything will be ok :)



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