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Friday, December 19, 2008

~~Time To Stand Up~~

Today is just another day,
I felt that sometimes, when you really like someone, you tend to loose control of yourself.
I did lost control of myself last night... but.. Phew... nothing happened..
I'm glad that we both know that we are just two lonely people who get together.
What I'm really looking for in my heart is something really passionate..
I dunno sometimes izxit all true or izxit just an infatuation.
Hmm... but i really enjoy your company. But my dear... Like i told you before,
When you need a friend, I'll be there, when you need someone to love you, here I am.
Sometimes, i know loving someone is hard.. but I really don understand what is the difference between a normal relationship and one with full of scandals..
Anyway, all i can say here is every individual is different.
I wont be a BITCH and I know what I want..
one day... someone out there.. there will be someone right for me...
But ... even i know it is not easy now to let everything go in a day..
I know when the day comes.. I will be fine..
Croatia.. Here I come~~~~ Wish myself a good trip..
I will miss everyone of you.. Take good care of yourself..
And dear, if you happen to read this, I want you to know, I say all this is nothing have to do with you.. Like i mention above,
"Every individual is different"
I really thank you for the feeling you have brought to me..
I really hope one day, If God permits us.. I still hope to be together with you.
I wish you well and your lover..



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