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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Next Stage?

Leo   : Baby, my friends asked me when are we getting married.

Ric    : Hmm.. So what did you say?

Leo.  : I didn't. But I don't think it's a problem for us. I could just marry you anytime. 

Ric    : really? Are you sure?

Leo.  : yea.. I think so.

Ric.   : ok, lemme ask you these few questions.

Leo.  : shoot

Ric.   : is your career stable now? Do we both have enough reserve? Let's not talk about kids first, just the two of us. Do we have enough insurance to cover all? How does do we go with my medical expenses? Where should we settle? New York or L.A.? Does our house whole income enough for mortgage? What are the carreer options? Can we make ends meet?

Leo.   : (-.....-) ok noted. 

Ric.    : don't get me wrong, I will marry you one day. It's just there are a lot more to think about and a lot we gotta do to make things happen. What if things goes side ways? And so far in our relationship, we are still having our honeymoon period even after nearly a year now. I know sooner or later, that will come. I just want us to build up a stronger foundation before we proceed to the next stage. I don't want us to one day come to a relationship fumed with resentment. I want us to have a strong and beautiful relationship so our kids one day will grow up in a loving environment.

Leo.  : You know that I love you and hate you at the same time right?

Ric.   : I do know that. :P


Just a very typical type of conversation we usually have. Surprisingly, it's still all lovey-dovey till today. It is all kinds of weird but I will take that as a win. Being in love with your best friend does really helps. We know each other in and out and there is literally nothing to hide. You don't have to impress each other. You are just being really comfortable with each other. Things are a lot easier.

As i think now things are progressing well between us. Him juggling with his new position, means more working hours and responsibility, and me... Mostly just coping with chemo and treatments as studio time is not in the books this year as of now. I thought why not slowly introduce him into my family. Mom has the idea and kept asking me about Leo from time to time. Things would go smoothly I hope. We booked a family trip to Cambodia next year. Yes, a family trip with Leo together. All mom's reaction was,

You both get one extra room, you give me the suite and you two stay in deluxe room.

How epic my mom can be sometimes. But I'm glad things are really working out. Yes there would be bumps , and coping with my cancer and him working may be tough at times, but we make do. I wouldn't say our relationship is the easiest of all, but compromisation is the thing we that is sticking us together. Even we know each other in and out, but we are totally opposites. The food he loves, I hated it, vice versa. Music he loves, and what I love is totally off. Things he loves doing on free time and what I love doing doesn't sync. The only similarity we have is... Yes you read it right, it's singular.. DURIAN! 

I guess the only thing I wouldn't compromise is when we get married, I would want to be registered in New York. There is no way I wanted my kids to be a Californian. New Yorkers all the way. Lol.. I'm just saying, cause I know you will be reading this anyhow. 

Well, as life always be. Nothing is predictable and smooth. It's just how we make the best of what we can have. Marriage is more than just a verbal commitment to me. I want us to be ready for that. I love you and that's a fact, but we should take one step at a time. For what is worth, we already named our kids even before we are having them. I would wanna for once in my life, make that dream come true with you. 

Yours, #3 Always - Muscle


  1. I love this..... Exactly what I'm facing... I would wanna be settled and married and make sure enough or more for a comfortable life.. Gonna stalk your blog more... hahaha

    1. HAHAHA!!! It's pretty bloody depressing on my earlier post.. Nothing really interesting.. Just a lot of after chemo crap..



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