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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dealing with Drugs issue~

Sometimes somehow I wish everything was just a dream~
Have you ever heard that by the usage of drugs makes you look healthy?
God, I really won't believe any of this till I see it myself.
But in the course~ I saw one~ on my very own self~

I sometimes wonder is it my history of drugs usage?
Or is it that when after you are able to control Heroin you are able to control any kinda substances?
I dunno~ The fact is, I start to put on weight after having my depression,
I start to able to sleep~ I start to even lead a normal life like many others.
The only differences is I am using substance.

But I wonder sometimes. Why still there are so many that can't even control themselves using it?
Since September 5th 2010. I became a daily user~ I use up to 0.5mlg a day sometimes.
But yet, nothing affected my job~ Nothing affected my personal life.
But the fact was I am able to even jus stop using for weeks anytime I wanted.
And i dun even have any withdrawal symptoms~

Am I really that fucked up?
Maybe I am~ But only God will know~
I am just trying to ease the pain in my family as I really dun want them to worry bout me anymore~


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