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Thursday, November 13, 2008

You are my most painful memory

My heart drops suddenly
And breaks into a million sharp pieces
Pieces that are now digging at my insides,
Causing tears to come to my eyes
My mind spins out of control
I can't breath
I can't think
These words I am hearing
They cannot be true
There has never been such an unforgivable lie
My entire being wants to hear you voice
To know that it isn't so

The tears began to pour
Warm and sticky down my red cheeks
There is a stabbing feeling in my throat
The wind is knocked out of my near lifeless body
I let out a moan
In hopes that the pain I am feeling inside will leave with the heart wrenching sound
I do this in vain

Even days later
I lie in bed
Unable to move
Unable to think about anything
Anything but you
What you were
What we had
Everything that I miss and that I will never again have
Every fucking part of me wishes to see your smile again
To hear your voice
To feel your touch

The pain never decreases
Even after days
I still remember
Your smile
Your voice
Your touch
You are my most painful memory


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