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Monday, November 17, 2008

Does anyone on earth know what is the definition of L O V E ?~~~

Nov 17,

I guess no one would really understand,
people say they love, yet do they?

What is love?

Is it the desire to owned someone?
Is it the selfishness in a persons wants?
Is this what most people thinks love is?

All questions... is there an answer?

Love is just a feeling, to share, to give, to behold.
Its just a simple philosophy which is always being misinterpret.
How can everyone be blinded?
Is it that hard to tell if you love someone?
Is it that hard to admit you love someone?
Is it that hard to be with that someone?
Is it that hard to be true to that someone?


All questions... no answers...

It is not as complicated as it is..

But why....



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