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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Autumn Is Here

The first autumn wind blew. And the chill that runs down you spine. You know that summer is gone and it is time to endure the cold long nights. No gold could buy that warmth you long for. Auntumn is here.

The stroll in the woods picking up mushrooms and wood. Just wanted to be sure you would provide warm and food. You know you could give anything to see that cute little grind of happiness. For that it seems like summer has never felt when Autumn is here.

Every single cut, ever drop of blood. You know every step would make it worth. Every effort you put, everything you do, it was just for the sake of protecting who matters. The cold doesn't get to you. Your mind remains strong. Nature will never bring me down to my knees. For the things that is worth, you know you are doing it right. You yearn for sunlight, and yet you only have a mere shadow from the gloomy autumn's day. For what is worth, every step takes you nearer to paradise. As auntumn is here.

What I needed stays in the blurred lines. And yet, the wants lingers through when hope is low. As you know, time will tell and heals all. It is temporary until the sun comes out again. I would just need to let go of all the tricks playing in my head. As autumn is here. 

You didn't ask yourself why are you doing this. You stop asking how many steps you haven taken. As it is like the sharp thorns from the roses bush. Like the poison ivy that grows strong and keeping out the pest. Just endure the steps, and stop asking question. Winter is merciless and autumn is here.

Sometimes, I too wish to have those juicy mushrooms. But there are times you need to understand what are the things you keep dear to you. For all you know, it just seems that it wasn't that bad having a long hot summers day. You feel free and the breeze that touches your face gives you that little hope. But what is hope when you lost the will. As autumn is here.


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