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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What Is Coming In September 2015?

From one of my spies, there will be something brewing. Yes routes are cut and frequencies are reduced, but some of the equipment (Aircrafts) changes are temporary but some are permanent.

Most are cancelled mid August. Time to repaint some aircraft and refurbish the 330s in time for a September relaunch. Recaro or Zodiac? Well, I will update more once I have more details. Plus, It seems that during the school holiday Nov-Dec 15 period, the 388s have been lined by to do charters KUL-JED and KUL-MED. That's about 20hrs roundtrip. Stay tune.

Below are some changes made this coming Aug. 

Malaysia Airlines this week adjusted its inventory, which sees further downsizing to its operation. Majority of these changes will begin from August 2015.

Kuala Lumpur – Brisbane
eff 09AUG15 1 daily service cancelled, currently operated by A330-300

Kuala Lumpur – Guangzhou 
eff 15AUG15 Service reduce from 2 to 1 daily, MH380/381 cancelled

Kuala Lumpur – Ho Chi Minh 
eff 15AUG15 Service reduce from 4 to 3 daily, MH760/761 cancelled (Except 31AUG15)

Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong
eff 01AUG15 MH072/073 operated by Boeing 737-800, replacing 777-200ER (Overall 4 daily 737-800)
eff 15AUG15 Service reduce from 4 to 3 daily, MH448/449 cancelled

Kuala Lumpur – Male 
eff 23AUG15 1 daily service cancelled, currently operated by 737-800
Kuala Lumpur – Manila 
eff 15AUG15 Service reduce from 5 to 4 daily, MH708/709 cancelled

Kuala Lumpur – Perth 
eff 15AUG15 Service reduce from 12 to 7 weekly, MH127/126 cancelled

Kuala Lumpur – Siem Reap 
eff 17AUG15 Service reduce from 7 to 5 weekly, Day 14 cancelled

Kuala Lumpur – Taipei Taoyuan 
eff 15AUG15 Service reduce from 2 to 1 daily, MH408/409 cancelled

Kuala Lumpur – Yangon 
eff 18AUG15 Service reduce from 14 to 11 weekly

Link: Airline Route


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