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What You Need To Know - A380 & Airlines

Updated  June 02 2015. More to come in 2016. New A380 entering services by Transaero from Russia and Air Austral(Which I do think will defer to further notice) . The below source were taken from Business Travelers featuring all airlines operating the state of the art super jumbo. What are the perks and how much luxury an airline would go to capture their premium travelers.

Since Business Travelers has stop writing, I thought why not I continue this section after British Airways A380. I do hope I could keep up with Graham has done so far. I hope I wont disappoint you guys. 

Singapore Airlines A380

SIA A380

Singapore Airlines was the launch customer of the Airbus A380 and currently has 19 of the superjumbos in its fleet with five more on order.

The airline remains the second largest A380 customer after Emirates, which has 90 orders, 35 of which have been delivered.

SIA took delivery of the first A380 in October 2007, and began operations that same month with a Singapore to Sydney service.

SIA operates its A380s on double daily flights to London Heathrow and Sydney and daily flights to Tokyo Narita, Paris CDG, Hong Kong, Zurich, Melbourne and Los Angeles, as an extension of its Narita service.
It also deploys the A380 on its Singapore-Frankfurt-New York JFK and Singapore-Hong Kong-San Francisco routes between December 28 and March 31 - the rest of the year the routes are served by a B777-300ER.

SIAs A380s can seat either 471 passengers or 409, depending on the configuration.
SIA A380
SIA A380

When seating 471, the aircraft's lower deck has 12 first class suites - designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste - in a 1-2-1 layout and 311 economy seats in 3-4-3. The upper deck has 60 business class seats in 1-2-1 and 88 economy in 2-4-2.

The airline's newer 409-seat configuration is the same, apart from the upper deck is all business class, seating 86.

Read Tried & Tested reviews of Singapore Airlines A380 flights in business class herehere and here.

Configuration 1:
SIA A380
Configuration 2:
SIA A380

Emirates A380

Emirates A380 in Barcelona
Emirates has 43 A380 aircraft in its fleet and a further 97 on order (As of Dec 2013), making it — by far — the airline most committed to the Airbus superjumbo.

The Gulf carrier unveiled its first, long-awaited A380 in July 2008.

It was five years ago, on August 1, 2008, that Emirates flew the superjumbo on its debut flight to New York, which was its longest non-stop route. And now Emirates flies to Los Angeles and is the longest A380 non stop flight.

Below: Google Street View provides a virtual tour of the Emirates A380

Now the airline flies the superjumbo to 21 destinations including London Heathrow, Rome, Moscow, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Auckland.

In the coming months, this A380 route network will be extended to Brisbane on October 1, Los Angeles on December 2, Mauritius on December 16 and Zurich from January 1.

Tim Clark, the carrier's president, said: "Five swift years have gone by since Emirates changed the face of air travel with this remarkable aircraft. Its popularity is now firmly rooted across our six continent network."

Emirates operates its A380s in two configurations. The first has 489 seats 14 in First Class, 76 in Business and 399 in Economy.

The second, denser configuration is deployed on long-haul flights. It has 517 seats, with 14 in First, 76 in Business and 427 in Economy.

Emirates A380 First Class
A passenger is served in First Class
Emirates A380 Business Class
A woman relaxes in Business Class, where seats can be converted into fully-flat beds Emirates A380 Economy Class
Stewardesses prepare Economy Class, which occupies the entire main lower deck
In both configurations, First and Business are on the upper deck, while economy is on the main lower deck.

On the upper deck is the Onboard Lounge, where First and Business passengers can enjoy a drink. All of the airline's A380s are fitted with wifi.

In January 2013, Emirates opened Concourse A, the dedicated home of its A380 fleet and the world's first purpose-built facility for the aircraft at Dubai International.
Emirates A380 fifth anniversary in numbers
In numbers: Figures released by Emirates to celebrate five years of its A380s
Over the last five years, Emirates has carried more than 18 million passengers on its A380s.

More than 7,000 cabin crew support and nearly 670 flight deck crew work on the fleet. Over 35 million meals have been served during 20,000 trips, spanning 265 million kilometres.

In all, 37 airports have been visited, either for scheduled flights, one-off special appearances or because of diversions.

Configuration 1:
Emirates A380 configuration 1
Configuration 2:
Emirates A380 configuration 1

Qantas A380

Qantas was the third airline to receive the Airbus A380 and has 12 of the superjumbos in its fleet with a further eight on order.

The carrier took delivery of its first A380 - which it named Nancy-Bird Walton, after the Australian aviation pioneer - in September 2008.

It deployed the superjumbo on its daily Melbourne to Los Angeles route the following month.

Qantas A380
Qantas now also flies the A380 between Sydney and Hong Kong, between Melbourne and London via Dubai, between Sydney and Los Angeles, between Sydney and London via Dubai.

Until July 2013, the airline operated the superjumbo in two configurations - the first, now withdrawn, seated 450 and had four cabins with 14 first class suites, 72 business class seats, 32 in premium economy and 332 in economy.

Qantas was the first airline to include a premium economy cabin on an A380.

The second, and now only, configuration seats 484. Fourteen first class seats are located on the main lower deck at the front of the aircraft in a 1-1-1 layout.

Qantas A380
Qantas A380
Behind that, there are 341 economy seats split across three cabins and mostly configured 3-4-3.

A further 30 economy seats are located at the back of the upper deck. In front of this area is premium economy, with 35 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration.

The rest of the upper deck is made up of two business class cabins, both configured 2-2-2 and seatign a total of 64 passengers. The first cabin has three rows and the second has seven with two further pairs of seats on each side at the front.

There is also a self-service bar area and, right at the front, a lounge area with sofa seating for five people.
Qantas A380
Qantas A380
In November 2010, Qantas grounded its fleet of A380s, which then numbered six aircraft, following an incident with one of its Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines. In June 2013, Australia's transport safety regulator laid the blame at Rolls-Royce's feet, attributing the failure to a fatigue crack in an oil feed pipe in the engine.

Read our Tried & Tested reviews of Qantas A380 flights in business class hereand here.
 A380 2nd configuration

Air France A380

Air France took delivery of its first A380 in October 2009, becoming the first European carrier to add the superjumbo to its fleet.

The following month the airline launched its maiden A380 passenger flight, from Paris Charles De Gaulle to New York.

AF now has eight A380s, out of 12 ordered from Airbus, and flies to six destinations - Johannesburg, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington DC - on three continents.

From September, an Air France A380 will serve Shanghai with three weekly flights from its CDG hub.
Air France A380
The 516-seat aircraft has 220 windows. It emits five decibels less noise in the cabin when "compared with industry standards".

It houses nine first class (premiere) passengers, 80 in business (affaires), 38 in premium economy (premium voyageur) and 389 in economy (voyageur).

First class is on the lower deck in a 1-2-1 configuration; business is in two cabins on the upper deck in 2-2-2; premium economy is on the upper deck in 2-3-2; and economy has 46 seats on the upper deck and 343 on the lower deck, mostly 3-4-3.
Air France A380
Air France A380
Air France A380
When Air France first flew the aircraft, it seated 538 passengers in a different configuration (see Seatplans for more information including advice on which seat to select on Air France's A380).

Read user reviews of flights on Air France A380s in economypremium economy and business class.

For more information, visit
Air France A380

Lufthansa A380

Lufthansa received its first Airbus A380 in May 2010 and launched its maiden scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo the following month.

The German carrier now has ten superjumbos in its fleet with a further seven on order.

Following Lufthansa tradition, the first two were named Frankfurt am Main and Munchen. Subsequent A380s were named after Star Alliance hub cities like Brussels, Tokyo and Beijing.
Lufthansa A380 nose
Lufthansa deploys its A380s between Frankfurt and six destinations - Houston, Johannseburg, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing and Singapore. From next month, a Lufthansa superjumbo will also serve a seventh city, Shanghai.

Each aircraft is in a three-class configuration accommodating 526 passengers.

On the upper deck, there are eight First Class seats in the front cabin in a 1-2-1 layout, followed by two cabins containing 98 Business seats in 2-2-2.

Economy occupies the entirety of the main lower deck and seats 420 across four cabins in a 3-4-3 configuration. Only Emirates has a larger number of economy seats, with 427.
Lufthansa A380 First Class
Lufthansa luxury: A seat in First Class
Lufthansa A380 Business Class
2-2-2: The view in Business on the upper deck
Lufthansa A380 Economy Class
The entire main lower deck is given over to 420 Economy seats

Seats in First and Business are equipped with AC power ports while economy seats come with USB ports and iPhone chargers.

Each bed in First measures 207cm in length, and 80cm wide and has an adjustable privacy screen. Meanwhile, "sound-absorbing carpets" eliminate the noise of footsteps and the lighting system automatically adjusts to the time of day.

Business seats are lie-flat with a slight downward slope. To read a review of Lufthansa A380 Business Class, click here.
Lufthansa A380 seatplan

Korean Air A380

Korean Air took delivery of its first A380 from the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse in May 2011.

The following month, the South Korean national carrier put the aircraft into service on short-haul routes from Seoul to Tokyo and Hong Kong.

It currently has six A380s and is due to receive another two later this year - one in July and the other in October - and two more in 2014, taking its superjumbo fleet to ten in total.
Korean Air A380 launch
KE uses the A380 on its double-daily service to New York, on 12 out of 17 services per week to Los Angeles, and on its daily flight to Frankfurt.

From August, the superjumbo is scheduled for deployment on the Seoul to Atlanta route on three of the airline's seven weekly flights to the destination.

The carrier currently has no plans on introducing the A380 on a London route.

Korean Air was the first airline to dedicate the entire upper deck of the superjumbo to business class, with 94 Prestige fully flat sleeper seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. (Singapore Airlines subsequently followed suit).

The upper deck of the Korean Air A380 features a bar and lounge area for business and first class passengers, with smart blue and white seating, a flatscreen TV and bar area.

The lower deck features 12 first class and 301 economy seats, in a 3-4-3 configuration, making a total of 407 on board the aircraft, the lowest number of seats for any A380 operator so far.
Korean Air A380

KE's A380s also offer an inflight Duty Free "showcase" at the back of the lower deck, occupying a space equivalent to 13 economy seats.

It's not the first time that an A380 operator has opted to use some of its precious onboard space for something other than seating – Emirates has showers in its first class cabins, Qantas has a lounge area for its premium passengers located at the front of the upper deck, and Air France has a digital gallery also at the front of the upper deck.

To read a Tried and Tested review of a flight on a Korean Air A380-800 in Prestige business class, click here.

For more information, visit
Korea Air A380

China Southern Airlines A380

China Southern Airlines became the first Chinese carrier to take delivery of an A380 aircraft in autumn 2011.

It now has five superjumbos, but operates them mainly on domestic routes - Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong - out of Guangzhou due to a dispute with Air China over flying the A380s from the latter's Beijing home.

As a result, China Southern has lost money on its A380s and only flies to one international destination, Los Angeles, although it has announced plans to fly the aircraft to Sydney from October.

China Southern A380
China Southern A380 first class
First class: One of eight suites at the front of the main lower deck
It should be noted, however, that in September 2012 it was reported by Chinese media that China Southern would jointly operate a Bejing to Paris service with Air China with its A380 from the following month.

Although this never came to pass, a Los Angeles route did commence as planned.

The carrier configures its superjumbos in a three-class layout, featuring eight first class seats, 70 business class seats and 428 economy seats.
China Southern A380 business class
One of the 70 seats in business class
China Southern A380 economy class
The 2-4-2 layout in economy
First class is at the front of the main lower deck, followed by 352 economy seats in a 3-4-3 configuration.

The upper deck features a further 76 economy seats in a 2-4-2 configuration at the rear of the aircraft, followed by 70 fully-flat business class seats, confusingly also referred to as First Class, making a total 146 seats on the upper deck.
China Southern A380 seatplan

Malaysia Airlines A380

Malaysia Airlines has six A380 aircraft on its roster after taking delivery of the 100th Airbus superjumbo in March.

The carrier is operating the double-decker on three routes from Kuala Lumpur - double daily to London Heathrow, and a daily service to Hong Kong and Paris Charles de Gaulle.

The aircraft has 494 seats in three classes - eight first class and 350 economy class seats occupy the main deck, while the upper deck features 66 business class seats and an additional 70 economy class seats.

Malaysia Airlines A380
First class is comprised of four individual seats and two double seats in a 1-2-1 formation. Each seat is 40 inches wide, has a pitch of 89 inches, and is convertible into an 87 inch-long flat bed. It is also the widest of it's class in any A380 flying around the world by an airline. 

Business class has 66 seats that all face forward and is arranged in a 2-2-2 formation. To read Tried and Tested reviews of business class, click here and here.

Economy contains 420 seats in a formation of 3-4-3 on the main deck and 2-4-2 on the upper deck.

The carrier raised eyebrows in 2011, when it announced that it would not accept infants in first class cabins on its A380s.

It attributed the move to the cabins' configuration that being not equipped to accommodate bassinets (see online news, June 2011).

Malaysia Airlines A380
At the time, MAS chief executive Tengku Azmil observed that the airline received "many complaints from first class passengers who spend money on first class and can't sleep due to crying infants".

For a review of Malaysia Airline's inaugural A380 service from London Heathrow, click here.

For more information visit and

MAS A380 seatplan

Thai Airways A380

Thai Airways took delivery of its first Airbus A380 in September last year.

The carrier now has four superjumbos in its fleet with two more on order and scheduled to arrive later this year.

Last October, Thai Airways' inaugural A380 entered service between Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Thai Airways A380
The airline now also flies A380s to Singapore, Frankfurt, Narita and Paris.

In July 2013, the carrier postponed its A380 service to London by 11 months until October 30, 2014, citing "important technical modifications".

Its superjumbos have 507 seats and are configured with 12 seats in Royal First Class, 60 in Royal Silk business class and 435 in economy.

First and business are on the upper deck, as are 58 economy seats. The remaining 377 economy seats take up the aircraft's main deck.
Thai Airways A380 first class
Travelling in comfort: Seats in Royal First Class
Thai Airways A380 business class
Inside Royal Silk business class (above) and economy seats on the upper deck (below)
Thai Airways A380 economy
First and business class cabins feature fully-flat beds, and all passengers benefit from AVOD in-flight entertainment systems, individual power sources, and wifi internet and mobile phone access.

To read a Tried & Tested review of a Thai A380 flight in Royal Silk business class,click here.

Thai Airways A380 seatplan

British Airways A380

British Airways received its first A380 at Heathrow on July 4, with further deliveries due in August and October next year.

The carrier, which has another 11 of the aircraft on order, will first roster the superjumbo onto its Los Angeles route from September 24, followed by Hong Kong from October 22.

The layout of BA's A380s will feature 14 seats in First on the main deck, followed by 44 Club World seats in a 2-4-2 configuration, then 199 World Traveller seats in a 3-4-3 layout (to see a seat plan click here or see below).

The upper deck will have further 53 Club World seats in a new 2-3-2 layout, followed by 55 World Traveller Plus seats also configured 2-3-2, and then 104 World Traveller seats in a 2-4-2 layout.

The first A380 aircraft painted in BA's livery exited the Airbus paint hangar in Hamburg in April, ahead of its delivery in July.

MSN95 took two weeks to be painted in the airline's red, white and blue colours, with 24 workers applying 2,300 litres of paint across 3,500 sqm of surface. The tailfin alone features 10,000 black and white dots.

The work was carried out using spray guns, traditional paint rollers and paint brushes, with a total of five coats being applied. The paint adds around 650kg to the weight of the aircraft, but is no thicker than a human hair.

BA is Airbus' tenth customer and its aircraft is the 106th A380 delivered.

Airlines that currently operate the A380 are Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, Air France, Lufthansa, Korean Air, China Southern, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways. Other airlines that have ordered the superjumbo include Virgin Atlantic, Asiana, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Skymark Airlines.

Last year, Business Traveller attended an event in France to watch BA’s A380 parts travelling in convoy to the Airbus final assembly line in Toulouse.

For more information, visit

Source : Business Travelers - Graham Smith

Asiana Airlines A380

Asiana's first Airbus A380 enters service on June 13 2014 when it will be used on routes to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka before commencing the Seoul-Los Angeles service on August 15.

The aircraft seats 495, with 12 in first class on the lower deck and 66 in business on the upper deck. There are 417 economy seats, with 106 on the upper deck and 311 on the lower deck.

The South Korean carrier currently has two superjumbos in its fleet, with four more A380s on order.

Having started services in August on its Seoul to Los Angeles route, Asiana intends to deploy the aircraft onto more long-haul services in the future.

Asiana Airlines is bringing forward its A380 service to New York JFK to May 28.

The South Korean carrier had been scheduled to introduce the superjumbo on the route two weeks later.

The service will initially operate three-times weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays before turning daily on June 28, again two weeks ahead of schedule, reports

Outbound service OZ222 will depart Seoul Incheon at 1030 and land in New York at 1130, with return service OZ221 leaving New York at 1325 and landing in Seoul at 1635 the next day.
Asianas A380 first class cabin, with twin doors open
First class couple seat with mood lighting and new larger in-flight entertainment system (IFE)

Asiana partnered with London design agency Tangerine to customise the cabins. Tangerine is no newcomer to the design of airline cabins and seats, having been responsible for the development of British Airways' first class product, which launched in 2010.

For Asiana's A380 first class seat design, Tangerine worked with B/E Aerospace, the world leaders in interior cabin products, to design a number of features.

These included the installation of slanted blinds along the twin doors to allow layers of light to enter the cabin space, as well as simplified seat controls with more options.

Meanwhile, the design agency also made several upgrades to the A380's existing business class seat.

Working alongside Sogerma, the manufacturers of the original business product, Tangerine reduced the curve at the front of the shell that encases the seat. By making it squarer and reconfiguring the seat wings, this helps to increase privacy for passengers.
Business class seat in bed position

Standard chair features such as the headphone jacks, USB port, cocktail table and meal tray were also repositioned to be more convenient.

Sogerma has been impressed with the changes, with Patrice Boursiquot, the company's Asia-Pacific general manager, saying that "the line of communication with Tangerine was excellent and the product is outstanding".

From Seat Guru

Qatar Airways A380

Qatar Airways has received the first two of its A380 superjumbos.

There are three classes on board — first, business and economy.

First class is configured with eight suites on the upper deck in a 1-2-1 configuration. Each seat features a 90-inch fully-flat bed, a 26-inch high-definition in-flight entertainment screen and direct aisle access.
Qatar Airways A380 first class upper deck
First class

Qatar Airways A380 business class upper deck
Business class
Qatar Airways A380 economy class main deck

Business has 48 seats on the upper deck in a 1-2-1 configuration. Each seat features an 80-inch fully-flat bed (with an effective pitch of 51 inches)a 17-inch HD in-flight entertainment screen and direct aisle access.

There are 56 economy seats on the upper deck in a 2-4-2 configuration and 405 seats on the main deck in a 3-4-3 configuration. Each seat has a 10.6-inch in-flight entertainment screen.

Economy occupies the whole of the main deck in four cabins and the rear of the upper deck.

Qatar Airways A380 economy class upper deck
Economy: Rearmost cabin on the upper deck
Qatar Airways A380 economy class upper deck, side storage
Each economy seat has a 10.6-inch inflight entertainment screen
Qatar Airways A380 premium lounge upper deck
Premium Lounge In-flight
Qatar Airways A380 economy class main deck
Rear cabin on the main deck: All four economy cabins on this level are 3-4-3
Qatar Airways A380 front stairs up to first class
Stairway to heaven: Up to first class

Qatar Airways A380 seat map main deck and upper deck
Seat Plan

Etihad Airways A380

Even if you’ve flown on the superjumbo before, here are 10 things you need to know about Etihad’s take on the A380, and what it brings to the table to rival Qantas, Emirates and Singapore Airlines

Nestled at the very front of Etihad's A380, The Residence affords the ultimate in space, luxury and comfort.

It's comprised of three separate rooms – a lounge and dining area… … a bedroom… … and a private bathroom and shower… Guests enjoy unparalleled privacy in what must feel like your own private jet.

Tending solely to passengers in The Residence, a Savoy-trained butler takes care of everything – whether that’s having your favourite drink waiting as you board, serving your favourite cuisine in the sky or escorting you to your complimentary chauffeur-driven transfer upon arrival. Need a reservation for dinner at an exclusive restaurant on the ground? No problem. Just realised you’ll be away for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary and forgot to order flowers for your partner? Consider it done.

In what is arguably the world’s best first class product, Etihad replaces its simple suites of yesteryear with a whole 'Apartment'. This includes a plush reclining lounge chair… …and a separate ottoman that converts into a fully-flat bed. Even with the bed in place, you can still walk around in your Apartment and can dine on meals prepared on-board by an experienced chef... and there's a full vanity mirror too.


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