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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sri Lankan Becomes Oneworld

Sri Lankan Airlines has today officially become a Oneworld member.
The carrier, which became a member elect of the alliance in mid-2012, now offers Oneworld's complete range of services and benefits.
The move means that the 100,000 members of Sri Lankan's Flysmiles loyalty programme, in effect, have their frequent flyer privileges extended to whenever they fly with any Oneworld member airline.
Sri Lankan joins Oneworld
Flysmiles Platinum cardholders have Emerald status in the Oneworld programme, while Flysmiles Gold is the equivalent to Oneworld Sapphire, and Flysmiles Classic is Oneworld Ruby.
Cathay Pacific served as Sri Lankan's sponsor into Oneworld.
Flysmiles Platinum and Gold members can now use any of the more than 600 airport lounges worldwide offered by Oneworld member airlines whenever they fly with one of the alliance's carriers.
Sri Lankan Business Class passengers are also able to use Oneworld partner airline lounges.
And, the 150 million members of other Oneworld airlines' frequent flyer programmes can earn andredeem awards and tier status points and receive all other Oneworld benefits on Sri Lankan.
Sri Lankan joins Oneworld
Sri Lankan Airlines operates a fleet of 21 aircraft from its Colombo base and has orders for ten more aircraft, including four A350-900s.
Its entry into Oneworld brings three new destinations to the network, Kochi, Tiruchirappalli and Thiruvananthapuram, all of which are in southern India and will expand the alliance's global coverage to 860 destinations in more than 150 countries.
TAM Airlines and US Airways joined Oneworld on March 31.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Over You

This song is just breathtaking. Technically the arrangements and the harmonies are so powerful. And the soul of it, don't think that Ingrid Michealson and A Great Big World did it any better. It made me thinking about how sometimes love can be contradicting yet beautiful. If you were to ask me, I really don't know what else I could say. There are so much going on, but yet, so much I'm falling for. Sometimes, you wanted it to be over, but you end up falling around you.

A perfect song on a perfect timing? This is a beauty. True, bare, honest and full of emotions from them. Bravo! To these amazing artists! 

Over, I'm so over you
The way that you look
In a 3-piece suit

Over, I'm so over you
The way that you held me
Like nobody else would

Over, I'm so over you
The way that you laugh
Made everything that I do
Over, I'm so over you

The way that you said that you'd always be true
And maybe if I tell myself enough
Maybe if I do
I'll get over you

Maybe if I tell myself enough
I'm falling around you
Maybe if I tell myself enough
Maybe if I do

Falling In Love All Over Again

You'll feel like everything in the world doesn't seems special anymore. It isn't about why you feel that way, but it is just what you could emote from what is left. My entire life, I always felt that I was and still am just a regular person. But you gave me that ray of light that made me feel special.

I didn't wanna run, I wanna stay. New York City has always been a special place to me. People express themselves freely. It is a place where hearts beats together and you'll fall in love all over again. For once, I felt I belong. The sounds of the city synchronize in perfect harmony. Every touch, every kiss felt never ending and is this all I have?

For a beauty like this, it's just so surreal, you know that it wouldn't last. I am not being a bad apple, but we both know, there is nothing we could do to patch things up. I let everything consume me. For now, being with you just seems to let everything settled.

Every night, the touches from the tips of your fingers, soothes the desire to fight. Giving in to every breath we left. The wants of a perfect body and soul just merely an idea of a fantasy. Knowingly that what was left for us just right here. One day, when that time when we part, it will serve as deep dark beautiful memory. Everything that were wrong felt right. It is just like falling in love all over again.

Maybe it is the spell of New York City. They say, it will always be a city you'll fall in love with and will make you fall in love with it all over again and again. For all it's worth, it takes my mind off of all the pain. Being in love is a beauty, but being in love with each other is a perfection that life could offer.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Transaero Confirms Each of Its A380s Will Have 652 Seats

Transaero’s Airbus A380 superjumbos will easily have the highest seating density of any A380s delivered by 2015 and will also have more seats than any other commercial aircraft.

Russian carrier Transsaero Airlines has designed a 652-seat interior lay-out for each of its four new Airbus A380s, giving them the highest seating density of any A380s yet delivered. Transaero’s A380s will also have more seats than any other commercial aircraft. Each Transaero A390 will have 12 Imperial (First) Class suites, 24 Business Class flat-bed seats and 616 Economy-class seats, each offering a 31- or 32-inch seat pitch

When it finalized its order for four A380s in June 2012, Transaero Airlines indicated it planned to operate them with up to 700 seats installed. More recently it indicated each A380 would have about 50 fewer seats than that installed and Transaero’s April 17 announcement of its firm A380 seating configuration confirms that downward adjustment in seat numbers.

Transaero Airlines has now completed the interior design for its A380s. Each Transaero A380 will be configured in three classes of service – Imperial (First), Business and Economy.

Imperial class is a unique Transaero Airlines service product. Each of its A380s will have 12 closed suites with luxury seats, which extend into fully flat beds. Separation from neighboring seats will be possible using retracting blinds, which will ensure privacy and comfort in each personal area.

The seats in Imperial class will be the largest in their class and will be upholstered with fabric glittering with shades of gold, according to Transaero. The Imperial class cabin will be located in the front of the aircraft on the lower deck and will feature a 1-2-1 seat-row configuration.

Transaero’s A380 Business Class will accommodate 24 cocoon-style seats, upholstered with high-quality fabric, which may be easily transformed into 180-degree flat beds. The Business class cabin will be located in the front of the aircraft on the upper deck and each seat row will be in 1-2-1 configuration.

The Imperial and Business class cabins will be fitted with mood lighting, creating an ambience for passengers by changing color during different stages of the flight.

Transaero Airlines will also install bars in its Imperial and Business Class cabins. In line with its existing services, Transaero has also planned special cloakrooms for passengers in these classes.

Each Transaero A380 will have 616 seats Economy Class seats, with Economy seating located on both the lower and upper decks of the aircraft.

The seats in this class will be upholstered with high-quality leather featuring a 3-D effect, according to Transaero. The seat pitch in Economy class will be 31 to 32 inches, complying with global standards for comfort in long-haul Economy class cabins.

In the Transaero A380, the Economy seats will be configured in 3-4-3 rows on the lower deck and in 2-4-2 rows on the upper deck.

Transaero Airlines says its А380s will be fitted with an advanced high-speed in-flight Internet access system, ensuring data transfer speeds of up to 12 Mb/sec for each passenger. Each A380 will also have the Panasonic eX3 advanced in-flight entertainment system fitted.

“When developing the interior design of our A380s we strived to make full use of the advantages of this type of aircraft,” says Olga Pleshakova, Transaero Airlines’ CEO. “The unique passenger capacity provides for very comfortable conditions for passengers. When creating the new configuration we referred to Transaero’s extensive positive experience of operating aircraft with 522-seat capacity.”

Transaero operates some of the 20 Boeing 747-400 widebodies in its fleet in a two-class, 521-seat interior configuration. It operates others in a four-class, 352-seat configuration.

Pleshakova adds: “I am certain the first A380 aircraft in the Russian market will be very popular among our clients, both on domestic and on international routes. The launch of their operation will become a new step in the development of Russian commercial aviation.”

Transaero Airlines also has four Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental passenger jets on order and it appears likely the carrier will configure the interior of each to seat well in excess of 500 passengers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Thousand More

Every time when I start the journey back to the states, every single time I am filled with all this rush of emotions. Somehow it is a good thing for me, as I needed every ounce of it to keep my music alive. But I do needed an outlet to just balance things up. For everything that is worth, I didn't feel so much of being alone anymore.

I have 3 more hours before I land in New York, JFK. Ideas of what is going on with me kept repeating. Honestly, I don't really know and I acted upon what I am feeling at that moment. There are so many things going on right now, there are some I could share, there are some I couldn't. I can't help to feel how I felt. Even to Zombie or even Leo, I wanted to spill it all out, but at that moment, I choked. And it just went on and on. 

I know life has it's on way to unveil everything, and I am not complaining.  But the question is how do you deal with it when you can't help feeling the helplessness in you? I sometimes feel I am gonna explode. Everything is just building on and on and I don't have anymore space to breath. Some may say sharing could help, but will it solve everything? What will you actually do when you are trying to help but in the end you got hurt badly in the process? 

Even Dumdum couldn't possibly do anything to make it right. We are in a weird place right now. We know that nothing could come out from this, but why we give in to what we feel? Is it right to? Will it do any good to us? Will it bring false hope? A hope that we could only possibly dream of? I am really overwhelmed right now that I couldn't decide on what is right or what isn't. 

If only I could loudly say it was in the name of love. But will there be a happy ending for us? I am not comparing on the circumstances like what other normal couples are. But on the fact that what we are and how will we able to move past this. Will our career be worth it to just let it go? Will our health permits us to move forward? Will there be even a safe heaven for us? 

I just wish there will be a thousand more. If only we could stripped away all the burdens we carry and for once, be just a regular lover like everyone else. No more judgement, no more walls that refrain us from spreading our wings. Just you and me. If only there is.... 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

For Love?

When was the last time you did things in the name of love? Regardless how crazy or how irrational it may be. As time goes by, we usually ignore all these little things that matters. But how do we remind ourselves not to take things for granted? The things we usually have with us aren't being cherish. And I am too a victim of this cold reality. But with everything that is going on with my life right now, it didn't just matter any more. I wanted to spend that time with you instead of me being alone. And yet, I will be heading back to NYC and your work and mine will be hectic. So when will we even have the time left? But the question now is what more could I do from what I have? We will never have the best in life, but what we could have is making the best of what we have.

I am not saying what I did was a wise and sane decision, but I didn't regret doing it. It was havoc, but it is all worth it. And when I was just there, your face with horror and shock kinda make me smile.
What were you thinking?!!? What the hell are you doing here?!?!

I wasn't thinking at all. I just want the time we have together counts. 

Seriously. you know I have meetings and I have to...

Stop baby.. Just stop.. I know.. I know.. Just enjoy this moment. You don't gotta change your schedule or even do anything. I know.. I just wanted to love you a little more. 

And that smile you gave after was priceless.

It has been 24 hours now since we left, it was one of those time you know that love is one thing that is so humble yet fragile. That feeling of you in bed, the touch, the cuddling, the time when our lips crease on each other, and watching every breath you take while you are sound asleep. Ok, this sounds freaky when you say it out loud. (Well, if you were just wondering, we didn't do anything else) Life is really one thing you could never truly understand how it works.

And I was talking to CK (even our time difference was fucked up) and we talk about the "what ifs" True enough, it won't make any difference, but the idea of that just keep slipping in my mind. I knew you for more than a decade now, and if we were to fall in love 10 years ago. Will this be as beautiful?

Love indeed is like playing Russian Roulette. You just needed that one shot. The terrifying fear but you won't leave. Every heart beats just makes you wanna be here. With what we both are going through in life, I didn't want to even be like what many go through. Never had the chance to say goodbye.

Yes I am terrified, but I am not leaving. My heart beats for you, and all I needed is what we have right now.

Hamad International Airport (HIA) Set For Take-Off

Hamad International Airport (HIA) will commence passenger services at the end of this month, with budget carriers set to be the first patrons of the new facility.

A spokesman for the existing Doha International Airport (DIA) confirmed that the airport would finally begin operations on 30 April after years of costly delays.

Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority sent out a circular via Facebook to ten airlines on Friday, which read; “Kindly be advised with effect from 11am onwards on 30th April 2014 all your flights in Doha will be landing at the new Hamad International Airport.”

The effected airlines include: BimanBangladesh Airlines, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Iran Air, Air India Express, YemeniaYemen Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, Nepal Airlines, Syrian Airlines, Pegasus Airlines. Meanwhile, national carrier Qatar Airways is due to move into the new airport once all the lounges and duty-free shops are completed.

Cargo services at HIA began on 1 December 2013, with an inaugural flight by Qatar Airways Cargo arriving from Europe.

HIA was originally slated to replace the old DIA as Qatar’s main hub in 2009. The USD15.5bn project is now near completion and will open 5km away from Doha International with a capacity of 28m passengers per year. This will rise to 50m passengers a year when the facility is fully operational.

Passenger amenities include a large retail gallery, a mosque, two five-star hotels with 100 rooms each, a health spa, and parking for 3,431 cars. There is also a large flight catering facility for airlines.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cathay Pacific Confirms Next-Gen Business Class For Airbus A350

Cathay Pacific will launch all-new designs for its business class and economy seats on its Airbus A350 fleet from early 2016.

The airline has hired Porsche Design Group to craft its new business class seats, codenamed ‘FB3’ as it will be Cathay’s third flatbed business class.

Also on the roster is London-based Tangerine, perhaps best known as the former home of Apple design guru Jony Ive, which is responsible for new economy seats.

In addition Tangerine has won a ‘tip to tail’ brief to design the cabin interiors for all four classes on the Airbus A350.

A spokesman for the airline confirmed to Australian Business Traveller “we are working with the companies mentioned” but declined to comment further.

The first of Cathay Pacific’s order of 20 mid-size Airbus A350-900 is slated for delivery in early 2016 and will sport a three-class configuration with business, premium economy and economy class.
CX: "We can't afford to stand still"

Speaking to Australian Business Traveller in late 2012 Toby Smith, Cathay’s General Manager, Product, said that while the airline was “very proud” of its current business class seat, “it’s going to be just over three years before our first A350-900 delivery in early 2016 and a lot can happen in a competitive marketplace.”

“We can’t afford to stand still, and our competitors don’t stand still either. So we’re continuing to look to see whether there are further enhancements, essentially something new we might deliver in FB3.”

Airlines have adopted lie-flat beds, direct aisle access and increased personal space as the cornerstones of ‘state of the art’ business class, putting pressure on Cathay Pacific which is widely considered as having the world’s best business class seat.

Increasing the stakes is the wave of orders for new aircraft designs such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-9, and from 2020 the Boeing 777X. Airlines often align the debut of new seats to the launch of their impressive new flagships.

Cathay Pacific is likely to roll out a new first class for the larger A350-1000 jets, of which it has 26 on order from 2018. However, the spokesman told Australian Business Traveller “we have not begun work on first class yet and no decisions of any sort have been made.”

Cathay’s current first class was launched in 2007 but underwent a mid-life refresh on the airline’s Boeing 777-300ERs last year, although the project didn’t extend to the soon-to-be-retired Boeing 747-400 jumbo jets.

Lufthansa Unveils New A380 Business Seats

Lufthansa has received its first A380 fitted with its new fully-flat business class seating.

As Business Traveller reported last week, the superjumbo — with has the tail number D-AIMB — has been retrofitted by Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg.

It is the first of ten modified A380s to be delivered to the German carrier, with the remainder scheduled to arrive in the coming months.

The picture above shows the upper deck of the B747-800 with Lufthansa's new business class product in a 2-2 configuration. (Note that seats on the A380 will be 2-2-2.)

As before, the new seating sees Lufthansa business class passengers accommodated on the A380's upper deck, but to make way for the fully-flat product the seat count is reduced from 98 to 92.

Jens Bischof, Lufthansa's sales, product and marketing, said: "The high-speed completion of our aircraft with the most modern cabin in all classes is the highly visible proof that we are systematically realising our goal of becoming a leader in the exclusive circle of five-star airlines.

"In summer 2015, we will be offering the new business class on all 106 of our intercontinental aircraft. Out of a total of 7,000 new business class seats, more than 1,000 will then be available on board the A380 fleet."

Lufthansa A380 business cabin
Lufthansa A380 business cabin
As we reported last month, Lufthansa's superior economy seating will appear on its B747-8 from November.

The A380s will be retrofitted with premium economy by summer 2015.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The unknown is something that we all have to adapt to. I know that I've been really lazy to write anything that is personal. Or maybe I am just avoiding that part right now. For all that is worth, maybe I just needed that space where I could feel safe. I wouldn't say the past few weeks were easy, but just somehow, no one could actually I could really let it all out. Maybe there is... I just choose not to at the moment. Why? I have no idea what my fucking brain is thinking either.

Maybe it is just a way I cope with all these. I wish phone calls will stop. It doesn't do me any good. And there is so much that is going on right now and I got no idea how to deal with. The stress I am under is something I needed to learn to deal with. I know everyone has their own shit. But just.. I don't know.. I feel just helpless.

Will be heading back to NYC real soon. But something in me just felt that should I even start thinking of that? Or I just needed that time to heal.

I blame my own for everything that is crumbling, but what else I could do to not to feel at all? All these while, it was just like it was so surreal. I know everything will be temporary, but what the hell I am fussing with? I hated the fact that sometimes I couldn't do anything to make it better.

There is so much negativity swirling through my thoughts all the time and it really needed to stop. I got no idea is the side effects of the meds or it is just me losing my mind. I wanted to understand everything better, and I wanted it to go away right now. Or... I just wanted to be invisible.... I didn't want anyone to hear me out, I didn't want anyone to just be there for me, I didn't wanted any of it. What is going wrong with me? 

World's First Net-Zero Energy Skyscraper

The world's first net-zero energy skyscraper will soon grace the center of Jakarta, Indonesia - the Pertamina Energy Tower.

When it's finished in 2019, it will be 99 stories high 530m | 1739ft and ironically, serve as the headquarters of Pertamina, the national energy company. In addition to the 20,000 people who will work there, it will be the centerpiece of a campus that has a mosque, a sports center and a 2000-seat auditorium for the performing arts.

Shaped like a funnel, the top of the tower opens at the top, capturing wind and sucking it inside to run a series of vertical wind turbines that provide 25% of the building's electricity.

Incredibly, its curved façade is precisely calibrated for Jakarta's proximity to the equator, which mitigate solar heat gain throughout the year. On two sides of the building are sun-shading "leaves" - semi-mobile curtains that allow daylight to enter while shielding the building from glare and heat from the sun. Radiant cooling systems replace air conditioners.

Other buildings on campus will be covered by solar panels, but the central energy plant that powers the complex will run on geothermal - a prime, renewable energy source in Indonesia.

A covered walkway called the "Energy Ribbon" winds through the campus, providing protection from the elements and generating energy from solar panels on top. It connects the buildings, while leading people across land bridges and gardens.

Designed to be a symbol of Indonesia's commitment to sustainable development, the architectural firm behind it is Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), known for combining innovation with energy efficiency and sustainability. Its Greenland Group Suzhou Center in China, for example, has a 30-story tall operable window and uses 60% less energy than typical skyscrapers.

"It is extremely exciting for the architects and engineers at SOM to be working on a tower and campus for which energy is the primary design consideration," lead designer Scott Duncan told Fast Company. "Historically, super-tall buildings have focused on structural challenges: resisting gravity and lateral forces from seismic and wind. The rules have changed, and energy has become the defining problem for our generation."

American Unveils New Seats For 777-200 Fleet

American Airlines, which was the first U.S. carrier to fly the Boeing 777-300ER, announced dramatic changes to the interiors of its older 777-200ER aircraft.

The airline is removing its first-class cabin on these planes and installing more business-class seats. The planes currently have 16 fully lie-flat Flagship Suite seats in first class, 37 angled lie-flat seats in business class, and 194 standard seats in coach.

In place of the older business- and first-class seats, American is installing an entirely new business-class seat that it commissioned. One major change is that the new business-class cabin will have forward- and rear-facing seats, a first for the airline.

Each business-class seat will expand into a fully lie-flat 6’ 4.5” bed and will have direct-aisle access. Seats will have two power outlets as well as a USB port, in addition to a 17” touchscreen monitor connected to an in-flight entertainment system offering 250 movies, 180 TV shows, and 350 audio tracks.

Business-class passengers will also be able to enjoy a walk-up bar similar to what American introduced on its new 777-300ERs

In coach, American is offering Main Cabin Extra seating with up to 6” more legroom. Each coach seat will have an electrical outlet and USB port, as well as an individual 8.9” touchscreen monitor connected to the in-flight entertainment system.

All of American’s 777-200s will get international Wi-Fi when undergoing the refurbishments, and this will be available in all cabins for a fee.

The redesigned interior of the Boeing 777-200ER, featuring a walk-up bar under unique mood lighting.

Japan’s First A380 Takes Off

At a time when the future of the A380 looks set to become more crowded because of high density formats, the first such giant Airbus ordered by a Japan flag carrier has taken off on its way to a future flying for a much roomier business model.

The Skymark Airlines A380 flew from Toulouse to Hamburg yesterday for its cabin fit out and the completion of the paint job.

Premium Economy Seats
Skymark Airlines is configuring its six A380s for only 394 passengers, 114 in business class and 280 in premium economy. It will start flying them from Tokyo Narita to New York City, London, Frankfurt and Paris from much later in the year.

This is an airline that many non Japan flyers would probably wish to see flying in their own countries, in these crowded and uncomfortable times for air travellers. It is also an airline whose business model appears to be unique to Japan, in that similar efforts have been made in the US, Australia, the UK and continental Europe and all failed, very quickly and emphatically.

Yet Japan appears to be different. Skymark has a low cost base and very high standards, and works on the premise that Japan is a market where packaging, presentation, and the right formula of value for money will succeed.

It is for example in the process of putting a small fleet of 271 seat A330-300s into single class all premium economy domestic service where the cabins are configured in a roomy seven across format. It calls them ‘Green Seats’ and pitches them to the substantial Japanese demand on main intercity routes for spacious Green Car premium seats on its high speed railway services.

This emphasis on affordable comfort by Skymark is recent. In 2012 it decided that the competitive outlook for its then low cost higher density single aisle jet services in Japan was going to be very crowded as LCCs by All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines (through Jetstar Japan) began to ramp up, although not as quickly as Jetstar Japan had envisaged.

While Skymark has retained a fleet of 31 Boeing 737-800s in a 177 seat single class low fare format (which is 12 seats less than Ryanair in its 738s) it is clearly going for the affordable comfortable format on the major business or personal travel routes.

There is a traditional support for these Skymark settings among Japan’s consumers. The question is whether that support will endure in the age of higher volume, lower fare travel. In the case of the Skymark A380s, this is of course a very big question.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


We often want second chances. Sometimes we don't deserve them. The feeling of regret and wishing for another chance is common when a couple separates. Whoever is at fault usually searches for sympathy as they have realized in hindsight their mistakes. Our lives are shaped by our experiences. Our experiences are preserved in our memories. But what if we had a chance to remember things that we never actually experienced?

Have you ever found yourself revisiting a chapter of your life when you least expected to? Does the story continue where it last left off? Or does it start over with new characters and conflicts? Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable.

Sometimes the most personal advice can be found in complete strangers. Listening to the experiences of another can help us apply what they've learned into our own lives. Two travelers on different ends of a similar situation find peace and understanding through each others words and presence. Are we defined by our actions or our intentions? What determines if we are righteous individuals? What pushes us to return to our inherent human nature?

Everyone daydreams. But what's in a daydream? It's a little bit of care-free imagination mixed with real life experiences- and topped off with a pinch of idealism. Sometimes the most interesting and meaningful moments we have are the everyday happenings that are easily forgettable. In the end, these moments are the true treasures that we cherish.

We all have those special people in our lives that we know we can count on to believe in and support us. No matter where life takes you, these friends help us along the way.

Dare to explore a world that is bigger than you know. There are a lot of reasons to not do something or not feel something. Those boundaries and walls are put up by ourselves. Once we're able to step outside of them, we can truly realize the endless possibilities the world has to offer.

United Plans World's Longest Boeing 787 Non-Stop Routes

United’s Los Angeles-Melbourne flight, scheduled to begin service Oct. 26, would travel 7,927 miles, currently the longest plan route to be operated by the 787 family. The flight would operate six days a week.

United’s San Francisco-Chengdu flight, scheduled to begin service June 9, would not only be the first non-stop flight ever from the U.S. to Chengdu, but also would be the longest 787 flight to operate non-stop in both directions, at least until the Melbourne flight begins. The route is 6,857 miles. The flight would operate three times a week, pending government approval.

Currently, the two longest 787 flights are operated by Ethiopian Airlines, but both stop in Rome on westbound routes from Addis Ababa toWashington and Toronto. Addis-Washington is 7,182 miles, while Addis-Toronto is 7,143 miles.

The third longest 787 flight, operated by AeroMexico, operates Mexico City-Tokyo but makes a westbound stop in Tijuana. All three flights operate non-stop when eastbound.

Boeing has taken orders for 1,031 Dreamliners and has delivered 133 aircraft to 17 customers, led by ANA with 27 and Japan Air Lines with 15. United, which seats 219 passenger on its 787s, has taken delivery of 10 aircraft. By contrast, low-fare carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle has 291 seats on its 787s.

On Sunday, Boeing rolled the first 787-9 out of the paint hangar, painted in a black color scheme for launch customer Air New Zealand. The fuselage of the 787-9 is stretched by 20 feet and would accommodate up to 40 additional passengers and fly an additional 300 nautical miles. Included in the 787 orders are 405 orders for 787-9s.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Airbus Shows Off A350 Cabin For The First Time

Airbus showed off the interior of its new Airbus A350 XWB for the first time ever Monday at a press event at its Hamburg facility. Airbus' mock-up of its "MSN002" flight-test version of the A350 featured a an economy cabin laid out in a 9-abreast (3x3x3) configuration. The business-class cabin featured lie-flat seats in a 4-abreast (1x2x1) layout.

While the unveiling of the interior is a significant development for the A350, the version showed on Monday is just a mock-up by Airbus that shows potential options its airline customers can choose for their versions of the jet. It will be up to individual airlines to decide both the density and types of seats they'll choose for their A350s. Qatar Airways is scheduled to be the first airline to fly paying passengers in the A350. That carrier is scheduled to take delivery of its first A350 by the end of 2014.
Airbus has won orders for 812 of the jets, which can seat between 276 and 369 passengers, up to the end of March.

The new aircraft is 6 inches wider than the rival Boeing 787 and new baggage bins mean that even if every single passenger carried on a suitcase there would be enough space for all, Airbus says.

European planemaker Airbus unveiled on Monday the first cabin for its new mid-sized twin-engined airliner, the A350 XWB, vowing to avoid a repeat of the delays caused by cabin design changes on its bigger A380 super jumbo.

Airbus delivered the first A380 two years late, hit by delays stemming from a surge in demand for customised interiors and problems installing electrical wiring harnesses.

Executives said on Monday the first A350, Airbus's rival to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, was still on track to be delivered to launch customer Qatar Airways at the end of this year, with certification in the autumn.

While it is offering customisation options, such as a choice of seats and LED lighting, of which there are 16.7 million different colours on offer, Airbus is hoping its new customisation centre in Hamburg plus a catalogue of specific options will reduce potential delays.

Suppliers are also certified ahead of being included in the catalogue, another measure to prevent delays.


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