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Monday, December 31, 2012

To Begin With 2013

Initially I wanted this to be my last post of the year. But the crazy thing about it is the last few days was total hectic. A lot of traveling in the road, and there ain't Internet connection in the room. But I guess I would say that I'm celebrating New Year's Eve in flight. I know, it's bored, but a blissful way to celebrate with my family. (Which they are all sleeping like pigs on board)

Departing at Indira Ghandi International Airport at Indian time 18:50( which is about 9:20pm malaysia time.) somehow I was kinda looking at how time gone by just in a swift. I suppose how to sum up how my year has been is totally how I wanted to look at it.

Somehow India did really reflect many many aspects of how beautiful life could be. For instants, as we know India has its down side of it. People pee all around the city. They litter, they spit and they even shit on the the road sides. But that is somehow a fact we can't really change. Many will be like looking down on the ground and complaining about how dirty it was. But what they didn't realize was when they are actually looking down on the ground, there are so much they have missed. The beautiful natural landscapes, lush green trees, the layers effect that the fog creates.

Somehow, human will always be human. Somehow, what we wanna see in life is just a matter of choices. I know it is easier said than done. I too sometimes do that. But I couldn't deny what have I missed so far in life. I know it isn't easy to do so. Believe it or not, every time when I am on treatment, I lose it all the time. But this also couldn't be the excuse for me to use. At least not any more.

Guess when I land in KLIA, it will be a new beginning. 2012 has been kind to me. Keeping my fingers cross, 2013 will be even better. So I guess I will be needing a lot of time to put the whole trip in to summary soon.


Ricky's Eat Love Pray journey :

Eat - checked!
Love - unchecked!
Pray - checked!

Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

'Les Miserables' Bows at No. 1 on Soundtracks Chart

It's "Les Mis" mania on the Billboard charts this week. "Les Miserables: Highlights From the Motion Picture Soundtrack" arrives at No. 1 on the Soundtracks chart with 43,000 sold according to Nielsen SoundScan. It concurrently bows at No. 33 on the Billboard 200.

The album was released on Friday, Dec. 21 -- four days before the film's release on Christmas Day. The soundtrack sold 43,000 in less than three full days on sale, as SoundScan's tracking week ended on Sunday, Dec. 23.

60% of its first-week sales came from digital downloads, with Amazon MP3 fueling a chunk of that sum courtesy of a $5 sale price. The album has been marked down to $5 since release.

Released on Republic Records, the "Les Miserables: Highlights" album contains 20 songs featured in the film. It is unknown if a more complete soundtrack will eventually see a release, but don't rule it out.

The biggest selling song from the album last week was "I Dreamed a Dream," performed by Anne Hathaway. The download sold 20,000 copies.

Over on the Top Cast Albums chart, which ranks the top-selling musical theater show albums of the week, a full half of the chart's top 10 is occupied by "Les Miserables" titles.

On the tally, the original Broadway Cast Recording rises from No. 3 to No. 2 (3,000 sold; up 34%) while the Original London Cast Recording is steady at No. 5 (2,000; up 27%). The "Les Miserables Live! New 25th Anniversary Production" set is also a non-mover at No. 7 (2,000; up 41%) while the "Les Miserables: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall" production is also stationary, at No. 8 (1,000; up 41%). Rounding out the "Les Mis" offerings on the Cast Albums chart this week is the "Highlights" album from the Original Broadway Cast Recording, which holds at No. 10 with just over 1,000 (up 47%).

MAS To Re-energise Products in Europe Next Year

FLAG carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is not likely to launch any new route to European countries anytime soon but will continue to re-energise its products in Europe next year, according to regional senior vice-president UK/Europe Huib Gorter.

We've got some exciting plans for next year. There will be a lot of buzz coming from MAS. Additionally, we will be flying the A380 for KL-Paris-KL route in March 2013 on top of the current KL-London route, he tells StarBizWeek in Amsterdam.

With the new A380 plying KL-Paris-KL daily route, Gorter expects the new product will attract customers to fly with MAS just like they did in London.

MAS has increased its daily A380 flights on the KL-London route to twice daily. It will begin daily A380 operations on the KL-Paris return route from March 1, 2013.

Despite the larger capacity on the jumbo jet, Gorter expects KL-Paris route load factor to average about 80%. He adds that the KL-London-KL flights on A380 had been averaging about 80% load factor.

In 2003, MAS ordered six A380 but delivery had been delayed for a while. It finally received the first A380 in June. So far, it has received four aircraft and will be receiving the balance next year.

The A380 has a capacity of 494 seats in a three-class configuration comprising eight first-class seats and 350 economy-class on the main deck, together with 66 business-class seats and 70 economy-class seats on the upper deck.

One of the key things is to price your products creatively and at the right time. We have very good airlines competing with us and we can never ever lose sight on the ball, we have to be on top of that and I think we have done it quite well, Gorter says, adding that its business plan for Europe was to develop traffic to home base.

Additionally, he says, MAS works with various groups including Tourism Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak Tourism, hoteliers and tour operators.

Gorter points out that there is no lack of capacity flying from Europe to Malaysia and one of its challenges is to move ahead of the curve.

The are sufficient direct flights from Europe to Malaysia (including code sharing) with 17 from Amsterdam, Frankfurt (nine), London (14), Paris (daily) and Istanbul (3), of which 14 of the direct flights are operated by MAS. UK is MAS' biggest market in Europe followed by Paris and Amsterdam.

We have to be very quick and competitive. We need to have strategies and we have estimated about 122 European tour operators will feature Malaysia in their brochures and online sites, Gorter says.

On competition from airlines, he says consumer trends is hard to predict these days because consumer trend changes fast.

One minute they could be looking at travelling to Malaysia and the next it could be other destinations. It is a challenge for everyone. We have to act very quick and price our products well. Its mind-boggling, Gorter says.

As brand loyalty poses another challenge, Gorter says MAS entry into oneworld alliance is timely. MAS will become a full member of oneworld alliance effective Feb 1, 2013.

He points out that the industry is experiencing a declining brand loyalty so there is a need for a constant reinforcement for the brand.

Enrich (MAS' frequent flyer programme) is great but Enrich itself is not the key driver (for brand loyalty). With oneworld alliance, travellers flying British Airways or member airlines will be able to accrue flying miles, Gorter says, adding that the new oneworld alliance will allow MAS to enter the corporate market in Europe, which has great potential.

Although there is only one MAS' Golden Lounge in London in Europe region, Gorter says there is no plan to set up lounges in other European destinations MAS flies to such as Amsterdam and Paris.

We have third party contract to allow passengers on business and first class to gain access to these lounges. We're not setting up Golden Lounges ... not at this point, Gorter says.

He proudly says MAS' business class product is second to none. We're a very good airline, he adds.

Last year MAS announced a major route rationalisation to stem losses. The rationalisation takes effect early this year and involves the withdrawal of loss-making flights from Kuala Lumpur to cities that include Surabaya, Karachi, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Rome and Buenos Aires.

Gorter describes the KL-Rome route cut as a very painful exercise as a need to achieve its revenue target and stem losses from low-yield route. We made the decision to drop non-strategic routes and Rome was one of it. Life is tough, he reckons.

Gorter says MAS is a lot better now. We have started to get profitable on some routes.

Despite the uncertainty in the eurozone economic outlook, Gorter sees next year as an excellent one for MAS in Europe as the A380 aircraft will definitely enhance MAS' brandname.

The uncertainty makes it even more challenging in an industry which is so competitive. There are still a lot of travel between Europe and Asia despite the potential slowdown in economy, he says.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Warmth In The Cold

As time goes by, the weather in India is getting colder and colder by the day. But after days without Internet connection, all warm messages from friends always warm my heart. One that really touched me was from Mr D. His Christmas wishes isn't anything fancy nor tacky. But what makes me feels great was what we had.

It was a good year for us so far. Our ups and down. It makes life way much easier for us. In many ways. But I just don't know why, it just helps a lot. Looking back, time just really flew and in between all of us, that bond was the thing that brought this warmth to me in this very cold night.

I haven't talked to my dearie Rainer so far since she got engaged. So much I wanna talk to her. I still haven't got the time to sit down and talk to her alone. I miss all those crazy beautiful days. But I know she has a real hectic schedule. She will be leaving for Melbourne and I'm gonna seriously miss her.

For what is worth, all these bond that I have with them are the only thing that hold me together. I got no idea why, today after visiting The Great Nalanda university, my emotions was all over the place. I wish I could hold it together but somehow, I soon isolate myself. Not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Just right until I read Mr D's Christmas wishes. It lifted my mood and things getting right. Ab long morning tomorrow. Just gonna get some sleep. Will be in Bohgaya for two days. So far, the journey is pretty amazing. Food are awesome and the people are lovely. Just somehow still missing the part which I am searching for. Weird thing is that it is only 8.45pm and I am sleepy already.

First 7 Days

Came to an end of the first 7 days here in South Asia. And my 4th day without Internet connection. The colour a of life gradually form on the canvas. With all that is going on, the word life is such a fragile thing. For what I came to look for the substantial meaning of the inner awakening. And also to walk down memory lane once again.

The temperature of the eastern part of India kept dropping but it was still bearable. Jeremy is now a small little memory. Yes, I'm not gonna deny that from time to time, I still come across these few hot tourist but the perspective has changed. I couldn't say I fully understood that meaning but I could now picture that life is one thing that is simply amazing in its on way.

The permanent thing in life is impermanence. Everything that is form will eventually breaks. Life is the way it is. Many times I blame myself for having a weak body that doesn't gets well. But in fact, I should see that the power of impermanence in life. Being able to live a day is a gift and living well in a promise to our creators. Well, that is what every creators want for their off springs. My parents are the ones I should be really thanking them. For this little story I heard in the village I went in Rajgil. A mother never measure the milk that she gave to her child. The love and protection given the baby that she bore. But. Once the bby are fully grown, the off springs has the choice to measure what was given to the mother.

What the story is trying to say was for how the mother is being treated, it is all in the power of the kids hand. Good or bad, that choice wasn't hers to call. But when she bore the baby, the choice she had in hand wasn't a choice. A motherly instinct. A heavenly care. I see mothers around here, working with her baby, feeding with doing her chores. I just didn't know why but tears just flows. At some point, I kinda understood hy am I still standing here right now. The battle I was fighting all these while seems to be worth it. I know that every breath I take now, brings the upmost joy to the woman who bore me.

Rajgil really did teach me a lot today. Lying here listening to my baby brother snoring somehow puts the smile on my face. Life is just simply amazing. Heading to bed now. Can't wait to be in Nalanda tomorrow.

Distinctive Reflection

From train to buses, after traveling approximately 500km from Lucknow, I am finally here in Nepal. This journey is indeed one inspiring and heart breaking at the same time. This never fail to happen even my last trip here in India. Poverty slaps you in the face, suffering is part of a daily event. Looking at them, I really kinda am ashamed of myself whenever I complaint about my own sickness and pain. While there here struggle daily just to make life bearable. I'm don't even dare to say comfortable.

The journey from Sarvasti to Lumbini. People around were in pain. Yet they strive on to make a meal for the day to their children. Even the children smiles while I was capturing their photo. But maybe ignorance is a way for them to have a shield childhood. Without education, without proper health care, they are all exposed to the cold truth of reality. The cast system till this very day is still very much intact. To me, I find it kinda barbaric.

From what I learned, the Indian government did provide schools, health care, lunches, electricity and water to 85% of the villages around here. Most of the kids here are the children of the farmers. The thing is that the farmers forbid their children to go to school. Instead, they lead a gypsy kinda life. A lot is going through my mind now but I couldn't possibly digest everything. A lot of why and why. But yet, I still can't stand in their shoes. The vast differences in our blessed life couldn't not one near to their living condition.

Heading to bed with a heavy heart. I tried to understand better with upmost empathy but all I could give was sympathy. Just wish to have a good rest before traveling to Rajgil via Vaisali.

13 Hours Later, 6 More To Go

The initial 6 hours train ride turned into 13 hour journey. Rumor has it that there was an accident on the other side. So instead of fully utilizing the whole 4 tracks, all lines sharing this direction are sharing 2. That was why we gotta travel 13 hours instead of the initial 6. But all was good to me.

Arriving at Lucknow at 7.29pm, got our luggage checked into the bus, it was dinner time. The first authentic Indian dinner. Surprisingly I actually love it. It was vegan but the taste of it was pretty good. Didn't spent much time, finished up and I was on the road again on the bus. 170km to Sarvasti. Guess that I was too tired I supposed, I really slept all the way to this small town. All I know the ride was bumpy but bearable. The next time I woke up, I was at the hotel at 2am.

The temperature is crazy. It is only 4 degrees right now. Clearly, I wasn't dressed for it. Taught me one little lesson. Weather is one thing that no one could possibly predict. And here I am writing this event less journey here.

Only have 5 hours to sleep and early morning tomorrow, I'm heading off to Lumbini in Nepal. There is something I wanna share about but my hands are freezing typing on my iPad. Guess I will do it another time. Gonna grab more rest while I can. A long day ahead for me.

Train Beauty

The fog was thick and here we are, heading to the train station. Heading down south east of Delhi, a city called Lucknow. It was only 9 degrees at 3.30 in the morning. I guess the only thing on my mind that time was that I am dead tired and sleepy. But still manage to pull myself up for it.

Arriving here at the station, it was quiet on the streets. But there was something that made this rail station interesting. Believe it or not, India is the largest in term of network in railway in the world. And New Delhi station is the heart of the northern region.

Train arrive at the station around 6 in the morning. Once on board, I was sleeping away. You think I get to sleep, dream on.. I was being awaken by the service attendant like 5 times in 4 hours time. So that is why I'm writing this, I give up on my sleep. Meal after meal was being serve and it really just made me realize why sleep if I am eating up like a pig. Not so good idea to kill time. And by the way, food was just ok. Isn't really good. But the experience was amazing able to really how life was here in India as the train goes by one city to another.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thankful In Delhi

I don't know it is the cold weather here or I'm just being melancholy tonight. It is 9 degrees now and me lying on my bed blogging on part that I kinda am feeling now. I really couldn't explain why am I feeling so but many fragments of my past kinda flashes right in front of me. At a point 4 years ago, I was thinking these two questions that leads me on to more. Will I end up not being with that person I love, and will we end up hating each other? And the other was will we keep in touch if we were not meant to be together?

The answer was not a yes to both of that questions. I think from that moment I accept that the fact that my own mistakes that drives us apart I stop looking for blame on the end of my relationship. I don't hate baby J. Till now, I guess the right thing to say I never really stopped loving him. But it isn't that way like I never move on. We both moved on well I supposed. But we also never kept in touch. I guess that was the best for both of us.

But in many ways, I am really thankful I had him walk through my life. The part where I really see that life could be kind to me. No, life is kind to me. I feel that I would never learn how to love if he was never there. No matter where we were, no matter how we are, it is like those fragments in life, those beautiful painful memories that made us what we are today. Of course, I do wish to have news on how is he doing and all, but like I say, it's the best for us to be this way round.

Today is also my best friend birthday. And her boyfriend, ( also my bestie since 2005 ) propose to her on her birthday. I saw the whole video and the whole thing went. I guess the part that hit me was when she started to put back the memory of what she had, a lot of things don't really matters anymore. I know that many part of her genuinely felt warmth. I kinda know how all of that meant to her. As much as I wanna be there for her tonight, but I'm 2000 miles away giving all my blessings to her. I'm not gonna talk much about her cuz I know she will be reading this.

But just a big prt of me, being back in Delhi after so long, so much changes here and I guess that is life. No matter hat we do, memories are the only things that stayed on. The world kept moving and so will we eventually. Just a big part of me feeling thankful and turning the pages of my memory, smiling with a little tear that follows.

From Colombo To Delhi

The new beginning of another new journey. Flying off from Colombo Sri Lanka to Delhi. Yet again, something exciting about it. Sri Lanka was actually wonderful, better than what I was expecting. It was lovely, comforting, and warm. The only down part is my little annoying brother that loves to annoy me. Not to mention that I was not the annoying one. *Evil laughs*

Anyhow, all I could say that Sri Lanka is relatively a nice place to relax and just unwind. For what that worth, the beach was breath taking. A could say that many many parts of it really has its own unique way. Not to mention the food was amazing. Definitely one place to visit just to relax and be with friends , family or love ones.

Now writing this on a plane relatively putting myself back to the things I was really looking forward to find. It has been years since the last time I was in India. But for all the wrong reasons, my last trip to India was really beautiful. Excluding the lousy food, jams, drivers and all. But it was just one beautiful memory. This time round, I am here alone, I wanna create new memories. Another new beginning and a beautiful end.

So, 3 more hours to land in Delhi. Hope that the internet connections are widely available so I could possibly get online more often. My post maybe a little here and there. Hopefully you guys would bear with it. I think it has kinda become a thing for me to like blog on the bits and parcels of how life could be. Partly it makes me remember no matter how bad things were, it will be different if we see the other side of it. What doesn't make sense to me now is having two annoying company looking at me blogging now. (Mom and my baby bro) So, I am gonna continue this post when I get the chance to in Delhi. On what is worth, life is indeed kind and beautiful to me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sri Lanka Day Three - Colombo

I am soooo tired I am just gonna let the picture do all the talking. Leaving to India tomorrow. I can't wait. So much to share but so little time to sleep.

Sri Lanka Day Two - Kandy

It takes about 100km from Colombo to get to Kandy. Kandy is the old capital of Sri Lanka, located in central of the island. Hope on the bus round eight in the morning and started the journey here.

The funny part is when I asked roughly how long will it takes TP travel here, I was told it will take 4 Sri Lankan hours to get here. I was puzzled at first why is it so, but finally I got to understand it is how the culture here. They will stop for tea, coconut and many more with the absolute weird out excuses. In the end, it took us about 4hours 30 minutes of journey instead of the usual 3 hours. Not that I am complaining, just thought that I would rather spend more time in the city than on the bus.

What I really find funny is Sri Lanka is another country without McDonalds. Yes I know I am hopeless but that is somewhat facts of me craving for one. Anyhow, the trip was pretty pleasant. (Not referring to how the driver drives. I guess it is a lot similar to the Indian culture on driving in India)

What I do find funny is the people. Maybe there ain't a lot of yellow skin over here. Me and my brother was standing by the roadside just out of fun, they were looking at us like this weird kinda animal of some sort. But they were friendly of course. Just like the way we see them. I think you know what I meant. Nothing racist, it is just a funny situation.

The highlight of the day is actually night time. We visited the temple where the Buddha's tooth relic was place. It is one older full experience. It was so Devine and peaceful. The crowd there was just something that beyond words to describe. The architecture, landscapes and energy around the whole compound s just amazing. We got the privilege to pay homage in the shrine which wasn't open for public. It was just wonderful.

But the best part was the hopelessness in me start to surface. The funny thing was I am not denying it That I am actually enjoying it. After having our prayers, we do have time to just roam around. So, usual thing I did. The there was this bunch of hot sexy Americans (which of course I find out after talking to them) there was this one guy Jeremy. He had like the most amazing feature. Or it is just purely me being me. Beautiful blue eyes, that cheekbone, butt chin and blonde hair. He was around my height at 6'4" tall. We kinda like hit it off right away. So long story short, we went and told our friends and family we ill not be joining them till tonight.

So we met again after like 20 minutes later. He is from California actually. God I got no idea I was on the roll or just pure luck that I met a guy that hot. So went for our dinner at a local restaurant near the lake. We had some wine and all, good talks and of course me bing me, throwing some lame jokes at him. (Which he finds it funny) weird right,not many laugh on those pathetic lame jokes of mine. Anyhow, I will keep the suspense on later when I get back. But relatively, I went back to the room the next day getting ready to head back to Colombo. :P Buzz kill..  Period...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sri Lanka Day One

An amazing first day I have to say. What really was crazy about it was travelling with my brother. You can think of the most craziest thing that could happen. But for me, it was pretty fun in many ways.

For starters, I haven't really do much. We touch down at 5.30pm Sri Lanka time which is about 8.00pm Malaysia time. Arrived at the hotel around 7pm had dinner then me and my baby bro went walking by the beach. It was dark so no idea how the beach is like but I could feel the soft fine sand on my feet.

What really did hit me was when I was walking along the beach, I came across one lovely old lady. It was dark at first so I couldn't really make out that she was a lock or tourist. But after saying hi, and some small talk, she is indeed a lovely middle age women from California who works in south India. What really surprise me was her occupation. Everyone knows I love dogs. That is what made me walk up and talk to her. She has these 6 beautiful dogs around her. They were like family to her. And Indeed, she works with dogs in India. She comes to home to her husband who works here in Sri Lanka.

What is fascinating about her was her passion. Her passion she had with dogs. She study them, learn their language and know what were their behavior. She was just one simply amazing women. Now lying here on my bed, I reflect that we humans, are easily side track with what our passion is. Or maybe it is just me. Not putting any judgement but in many ways, I think whenever I am feeling tired or miserable with my health condition, it always cloud my mind. I lost track of what I really love doing.

Maybe what I am trying to say is I should really have a little more faith in what my passion is. Knowing what I wanted to do always. Yes, it won't be n easy task, but to thrive and succeed, I need to put my mind in what I love doing, I know that in many ways, saying is easier than done. But how long more I still wanna give that excuse myself?

So in short, I know all I wanna do now is sleep. But my mind is telling otherwise. So good night y'all. A long journey to Kandy tomorrow. Can't wait for the new adventure begins. End of day one.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Night Before The Journey Starts

What a day! I actually spent a crazy day with my family and my two annoying bestie! Actually got all myself checked up, got my meds right and some quality family time. It was really great to spend time with them. Especially with my little baby brother. He is like a devil broken free from hell. God, I can't believe how much he could eat actually. But anyhow, I did spend sometime with my besties too. Just shopping, and damn, it was good but yet tiring. My feet and back really hurt like hell but it is all worth it.

But now sitting here in the hall before heading to bed, I actually trying to reflect what I have left in the days. What were the things that is missing in me. This trip is just something that I got no idea at all what to expect. At some point, I really wish I could really start filling all the missing point in life.

I am not denying this year was exceptional for me, there are lost battles, yet there are triumph. But what means to me now is to fulfill that inner part of me that isn't complete. There some part in me that felt missing in many levels. At the moment, everything is still at a very blur state. Maybe I am just still tired from the long flight and crazy schedule. I still haven't had the time to really sit down and look on what I am feeling. Or maybe part of me just wanna just let it flow when it comes. I don't really know. It is just some part of it which is going through my mind.

So, I just wanna finish this little piece before the journey starts. Had a super great time with my love ones, and now, the journey begins from here. Good nite y'all. I will update about this journey from time to time if I could. (If they had internet at the place I am staying.) I anticipate the moment I opened my eyes tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Own Eat Love Pray Journey

In so many ways, it really reminds me of this movie. But I am taking my own journey with it. Sitting here waiting for my transfer flight, I was looking around and it get me thinking about what I wanna do in life with it. Embarking on my own journey to find this peace I was longing for.

Seeing around what is happening around me, I find sometimes I kinda like to put myself into spots where it made me uncomfortable. So you may ask that if I know it makes me uncomfortable but why do I still embrace it? Because I care too much. Not to put that I have a choice. I do really have that choice, but I took the decision of doing this. Maybe many may not understand but what matters is I have to live up to it.

Yes this may sound confusing, but in ways, it really isn't. Seeing the people sitting around the lounge pretty much answers it all. Some were waiting to rejoin their family and love ones and friends, some waiting to leave for an adventure, some were just business travelers. And some way, I fall into the first two category.

As I put on a summary of the whole year, I see things gonna be just as life was suppose to be. The ups and downs. The twist and turns. Shows me more about where to I really stand in life and what I wanna do with it. So this journey begins. I once told a close friend maybe I wanted to be a monk or something. But that isn't the point. What I rally wanted s to make peace with that inner self of mine.

I wanted to put it down like a journal and record the moments I'm going through with it. What will unfold for me in the last few weeks of the year? Let the journey begins and unfold the path I was seeking for.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Emirates A380 Daily Flights To Phuket

Emirates new service to Phuket

Emirates announced on Monday that its first commercial flight to southern Thailand departed Dubai today with the launch of non-stop, daily service to Phuket.

The carrier said the launch signifies its commitment to Thailand, a country that the airline has been flying to since 1990 when it began flights to Bangkok.

“Emirates has a long standing affiliation with Thailand and the country is indeed an important market for Emirates,” said Salem Obaidalla, Emirates’ Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Far East & Australasia. “This newly launched service will support Thailand’s tourism sector by enhancing inbound arrivals from the UAE, the larger Middle East region as well as traditional markets like Europe.”

Season Of Love

Whatever it is, this feels good in many levels. Holidays season started, Christmas is around the corner, and Love is in the air. Seriously, things are really hitting away. Love is spreading like crazy. First, my cow got engaged. Just called and I nearly got deaf by her shouting on her phone. And when I saw that ring, it just left me breathless. It's this huge yellow canary diamond surrounded with little diamonds. That is what I really call a big rock.

And just in days, another friend of mine will be engaged. But somehow that is another cute funny story. But will blog about it after my trip. I actually can't really believe how much that is going on this year actually. No matter what kinda news it will be, things eventually will put a smile in the end.

That is why sometimes the beauty of life put things into perspective. I really am happy for both of my besties that are getting engaged. In many ways, I guess that is the best way to have a good goodbye to them. I am leaving the states the day after tomorrow back to KL. And bam, here is a great news to put a smile before saying goodbye till next March. And before I know it, bam, another surprise engagement coming up and it just gives more reason to say goodbye to her with a great note.

Somehow, I am still dealing with the facts that all my besties are leaving Malaysia when I am back. But at some point, I told myself let them go. It is not like the end, but it is just kinda hard to believe that all of them are not there when I am back. But if they happen to read this, I just wanna say that my blessings is always there with all of you. (Even I may act a little dramatic about it)

Anyhow, I realize I haven't really blog anything about my life lately besides airplanes. I am trying my very best to keep it to the minimal. (Which I clearly fail big time. Period.....) So as my new meds are picking up, hopefully this coming vacation will be a perfect new start for 2013. Still can't really believe I would backpack through the year than partying on New Years Eve. Anyhow, time for me to head to bed. Good night y'all.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Korean Air Takes Delivery Of 6th A380

Yesterday (Monday) Airbus delivered the 6th A380 to Korean Air (MSN096 now registered HL7619) from Toulouse, 93rd A380 in service overall. 

4 more deliveries should follow this month, 3 for Emirates (MSN112 MSN108 and MSN111) and one for Thai Airways (MSN100).

Excluding the non-allocated MSN numbers, there are just 2 MSN below 100 not yet delivered:

MSN094 5th for Malaysia Airlines (rolled out in XFW)

MSN095 1st for British Airways (outfitting in XFW)


Rumours doing the rounds suggest that the order may come from Turkish Airlines or Cathay Pacific if its a new airline or Emirates if its a top up order.......only time will tell watch this space

Airbus is working on finalizing another “significant order” for the Airbus A380 soon, Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customers John Leahy tells Aviation Week. Leahy is hopeful a memorandum of understanding (MOU) can be signed before the end of the year with the commitment turned into a firm order in 2013. Leahy declined to identify the customer and the exact number of aircraft under discussion.

Airbus is far short of its own sales target of 30 A380s in 2012. So far, it has recorded only a firm order for four aircraft from Russian airline Transaero. Leahy says, however, that an MOU for five aircraft signed by Singapore Airlines earlier this year will still appear in the firm 2012 order book, with the two sides working on the last contract details.

Leahy expects demand for the A380 to pick up in 2013 and “certainly” in 2014, once the large legacy carriers leave the current downturn behind them. “How else are we going to double RPKs in the next 15 years?” Leahy asks, other than by using larger aircraft. “The future is still with the A380.”

Airbus has a backlog of 165 A380s from 19 airlines and one VIP customer. Production is sold out until the end of 2015, when the first two open slots are available.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

AirAsia Becomes Airbus Largest Customer In History

AirAsia, the largest low cost airline in Asia, has placed a new order with Airbus for 100 more A320 Family aircraft. The contract covers an additional 64 A320neo and 36 A320ceo aircraft for operation across the carrier’s network.

The order was announced during a visit by British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Airbus wing manufacturing facility at Broughton in the UK, where Mr Cameron witnessed the signing of documents by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia and Fabrice Brégier, President & CEO, Airbus.

The contract reaffirms AirAsia’s position as the largest A320 Family airline customer in the world. Altogether, the carrier has now ordered 475 single aisle aircraft from Airbus, comprising 264 A320neo and 211 A320ceo. Over 100 aircraft have already been delivered to the airline and are flying out of its bases in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila and Tokyo.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia said during the signing: “We have three gold mines in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. On the other hand, Philippines and Japan have enormous potential growth. With these added aircraft, it goes in-line with our strategy to further build our already extensive network through new routes and added frequencies and allow AirAsia to maintain its market leadership."

“AirAsia is one of the great success stories of recent years in the airline business,” said Fabrice Brégier, President & CEO, Airbus. “The repeated confidence the airline places in the A320 is a clear endorsement of the reliability, efficiency and unbeatable operating economics offered by the world’s most modern single aisle product line.”

AirAsia’s all-A320 fleet currently flies to some 70 destinations on a route network spanning 20 countries across Asia. In addition, affiliate AirAsia X operates widebody A330-300s on longer services from Kuala Lumpur to Northern Asia and Australia.

The A320 Family is the world’s best-selling and most modern single aisle aircraft Family. To date, more than 8,800 aircraft have been ordered and over 5,300 delivered to more than 380 customers and operators worldwide.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The A380 “Chills Out” With A New Supplementary Cooling System

Malaysia Airlines is the first operator to receive an A380 equipped with a new-generation supplementary cooling system, which keeps certain aircraft systems – along with stored food and drinks – at optimum temperatures, particularly in hot regions of the world. Developed with Liebherr, the new cooling system is being fitted on all new production A380s and may be offered as a retrofit option for in-service aircraft.

The A380’s new-generation supplementary cooling system – which keeps certain aircraft systems, along with stored food and drinks – at optimum temperatures, was subjected to 10,000 test hours before its initial delivery on a Malaysia Airlines aircraft

The Making of Malaysia Airlines Retro Jet

This week in celebration of Malaysia Airlines 40th anniversary since the split of MSA into MAS and SIA (yes Singapore Air and Malaysia Airline were once the same airline) MAS rolled out a 737-800 in nostalgic retro 1972 colors, taking the airline back to its roots! The Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 737-800 was re-painted in full colors of the first ever aircraft that took to the skies four decades ago!

The original livery has the logo featuring the Kelantan wau bulan or moon kite in a red circle, representing controlled flight and also a fine expression of the many mythologies associated with Malaysia. To complement the logo then, the national carrier sported the colors of the Jalur Gemilang on the aircraft, where red, the dominant color was used for the two stripes across the body as in the flag. Blue was used for the words of the airline’s name with white for the background. The stylized kite, the dominant theme, was fast recognized round the world for achieving the dual impression of movement and modernity and most importantly identifying the Malaysian flag carrier to travelers around the world.

The plane will take to the skies and fly between Kula Lumpur and Jakarta and Bangkok starting 12/13. Customers aboard this plane will also be treated to special meals that are exclusive to this aircraft.

The menus are designed by Malaysia Airlines' chef wearing their retro toques while looking back to identify the popular dishes of yester-years. This special menu consists of evergreen Malaysia Airlines' dishes that will not fail to tantalize the tastebuds of customers.

Although I could not find get an exact date of how long this 738 will fly between the two cities, it appears as though MH711 & MH782 will be exclusively served by this aircraft Dec 13-31st at the very least!

Here is how they put it together.


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