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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Homeward Bound & Home

I'm sitting in a railway station
Got a ticket for my destination,
On a tour of one-night stands
My suitcase and guitar in hand
And every stop is neatly planned for a poet and a one-man band

This wave
Is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
'Cause I’m gonna make this place your home
Everyday's an endless stream
Of cigarettes and magazines,

And each town looks the same to me
The movies and the factories
And every stranger's face I see
Reminds me that I long to be

The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found
Just know you’re not alone

Know you're not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home
Where my thought's escape me

Where my music's playing
Where my love life's waiting
Silently for me

Settle down, it'll all be clear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you’re not alone
Know you're not alone
'Cause I’m gonna make this place your home

Where my music's playing
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make, make this place your home

Where my music's playing
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make, make this place our home
Know you're not alone


Listening to this song really brings me down to memory lane.
I guess that this song really magnified the real thing we face in life and in love.

The words weren't direct to the exact emotions. But it brings out what we fear. Our insecurities, our fear and our desires. But there is a point when we look back, there will never be a match. The beauty in pain, finds peace in the truth.

Some point in life, we ask what if and what if. But those "what if" aren't something that would come true. But the beauty lies in the memory. And yes at this very point, I am thinking of our memories.

Nothing change much on my condition today. But I saw something really heart breaking. A friend of mine who is facing the nature of life. I wanna extend my love and prayers to him and his family. Hope all will be well for him. Life is really fragile in many ways. Sometimes it is just so hard to just grab hold of it. I am just lost of words out of no where now.. Just felt like crying...

Circles with no end,
The ink, it stains my skin.
Secrets of where you've been
Is the only thing that I keep.

Bursting for one sip
Of the innocence we once had.
Shadows of the past
And the shot to lives of your kiss.

No match, no match, no match
For your fingerprint
No substitute, no other you.
'Cause there can only be one
There can only be one.

Circles with no end
The ink that stains my skin.

No match, no match, no match
For your fingerprint
No substitute, no other you.
'Cause there can only be one
There can only be one.

Impact On KL Skyline In Near Future.

Finally the rendering of this project was being posted on Skyscrapercity Forum. To me, I love the whole idea of it. But this rendering isn't final. Still waiting for the DO (Development Order) to be issued. So far, I find this building really interesting. Out of the box, an icon of it's self. I also inserted some picture of the buildings created in the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. As you can see that it is one of it's kind. The building itself is massive. With the crystal inspired facade, it really looks stunning. I really hope that this project will be carried out soon.

The podium beneath the structure is massive. So I guess another anticipation of a megamall kinda Suria KLCC. In the renderings, it is stated that it will be 682 meters tall. A mixed used development with 118 stories. If this materialize, this building will be second tallest building in the world. If without the spire, it will be 4th I think. Still, I love this building so much! The whole master plan as 5 other buildings. the really look like midget. But this will definitely transform the whole skyline of Kuala Lumpur.

If not mistaken, there will be 5-6 supertalls (Buildings that are over 300 meters) in KL within the next 5-7 years. I really couldn't wait for the development to take place. Some of the projects are already under construction. These projects are as follows.

KLCC Lot 185 Expansion

Currently under construction. A mixed development of Hotels, Residences, and offices.

TRX (Tun Razak Exchange)

Formerly known as KLIFD - Kuala Lumpur International Financial District. This project is also now finializing their masterplan. So far, all we can expect is an 80 stories signature tower. 

Tradewinds Centre

Tradewinds Corp Bhd will launch a RM6bil mixed development project called Tradewinds Centre which will be completed by 2020. The 2.8ha site currently occupied by the Crowne Plaza Mutiara KL and Kompleks Antarabangsa on Jalan Sultan Ismail are currently under demolition process.

The two properties, owned by Tradewinds, will be demolished to make way for the new development. Tradewinds Centre would comprise Grade A+ offices, retail offices and serviced apartments, where the centrepiece would be a 65-storey officer tower.

 KL Metropolis by NAZA Group

The whole project now is in full swing. Currently in Phase one, the Convention Centre, Hotel and 2 Office Blocks are under construction.

Four Seasons Palace KLCC

To me, I like the previous rendering more than the new one. But still, it compliments KLCC with the new facade. Still nice in it's own way.

Harrods Development. 
The project, located on a 5.48-acre land between Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan Conlay(Next to Pavilion KL), would be one of the world's first three Harrods Hotel chain to be built. The other two on the drawing board would be in London and Italy. The rendering isn't out yet so far. I guess this project will take some time.

The impact of these new project will definitely change the whole skyline of KL. I really can't wait for all these project to complete. It will just make me happy like a child seeing a lolly-pop the next time I go back to KL. I just love all these tall buildings so much.

But one thing that kinda get to me was people in the forum. It is actually a skyscraper forum. But Malaysians being Malaysians, here comes the politic part. Sigh.. To me things are really simple. Everyone has their own rights on their own thinking. But what really sad to see the way they treated the forum. Honestly, it really makes them look really childish. But who am I to judge right? Just wanted to share what I see with you guys. So far to my eyes, I love it.

New Improved Airbus A330

Airbus has improved the A330-300 and A330-200 even further by providing operators both with a 242 metric tonne maximum take-off weight (MTOW) capability and, for the larger A330-300, an increased fuel capacity option. These enhancements build on the capability announced earlier this year for an increased 240 tonne MTOW, and will be available for operators in 2015.

The new take-off weight capability combined with the fuel capacity increase enables operators of these new A330-300s to carry additional payload on longer missions. Overall, the full payload range now increases by around 500nm over today’s 235 tonne A330-300, and by around 350nm over today’s 238 tonne A330-200.

The A330-300’s optional fuel capacity increase will be achieved by activating the centre wing tank for the first time on this model. The centre tank and its associated systems have always been present as standard on its longer-range sibling – the A330-200. The additional fuel capacity for the A330-300 allows operators to fly new longer distance routes, such as direct flights between South-East Asia and Europe. For example, it will permit westbound direct flights such as Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt or Paris, with the ability to carry additional cargo on the eastbound return flight.

Head of the A330 programme Patrick Piedrafita commented: “The A330 is already a highly efficient and reliable airliner and we have taken it as our duty to maximise this even further, along with range and payload increases.” He added: “We are currently delivering more A330s per month than ever before, and this is set to continue, especially given the ongoing improvements we are introducing to the airframe, cabin interior, and engines.”

The A330 Family, which spans 250 to 300 seats, and includes Freighter, VIP, and Military Transport/Tanker variants, has now attracted more than 1,200 orders and around 900 aircraft are flying worldwide. Ever since the original version of the A330-300 entered service, the hallmark has been its very efficient operating economics.

Thanks to the introduction of numerous product improvements, it remains the most cost-efficient and capable aircraft in its class and the Family is achieving average dispatch reliability above 99 percent. With headquarters in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS company.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Still Here

At a point like this, I was really left with no choice but to call up my parents. I somehow didn't really see this coming. Last night was one of the harder times for me this year. The last time I was experiencing this kinda pain, it was months ago.

There is so much going on in my mind. But when I decided to put it down in words, everything just went blank. I just wish that I could be better in control of things. But I knew everything will pass. But one thing that is constant was you. I really wish I have better control of this but just somehow seems hard.

Anyway, the only reason I'm still blogging at times like this is for my close friends to know I'm still ok. Somehow it became their habit to check on me here. So, I'm just wanting to say that even things are hard, but I'm still here fighting on.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MAS Records Profit After 6 Quarters Of Losses

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) posted a profit before tax of RM39.103 million for the third quarter ended Sept 30, 2012, a reversal from the pre-tax loss of RM461.540 million in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

However, revenue declined to RM3.474 billion from RM3.556 billion.

In a statement, the national carrier said it registered a small operating profit of RM4 million and a net income after tax (NIAT) of RM37 million for the third quarter.

The profit achieved in this quarter was the best performance to date for the national airline following six consecutive quarters of losses, it said.

The operating profit and NIAT for the third quarter compared favorably against an operating loss of RM192 million and a loss after tax of RM478 million in the same period in 2011, it said.

The improvement in performance quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) at the operating level was mainly due to the Route Rationalization Program which saw a seven per cent reduction in ASK (Available Seat Kilometer).

This resulted in a nine per cent decrease in fuel costs and a seven per cent decrease in non-fuel costs in line with capacity cuts.

MAS said fuel spending, which accounted for 38 per cent of its expenditure, fell to RM1.3 billion for the quarter following a nine per cent drop in consumption.

The same quarter also saw a drop in jet fuel price from US$137 per barrel in the third quarter of 2011 to an average US$131 per barrel in 2012, it added.

For the nine months period ended Sept 30, 2012, MAS said its pre-tax loss dropped to RM477.962 million from RM1.209 billion in the same period last year, although revenue fell to RM9.890 billion from RM10.223 billion.

It said the groups operating loss for the period stood at RM405 million compared to a loss of RM975 million in 2011.

Net loss after tax for the nine months ended Sept 30, 2012 improved 61 per cent to RM484 million against a loss of RM1.247 billion in the same period of 2011.

Commenting on the performance, MAS Group Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, said revenue initiatives have started to gain traction in the market, and combined with the improved utilization of the fleet and manpower, the airline is beginning to see the results of all this hard work in the
quarterly results.

"We are very encouraged by the improved trend in our financial performance in this third quarter, especially after six quarters of losses," he added.

He said the airline's focus remains to increase revenue and manage costs.

MAS said it carried 3.30 million passengers in the third quarter of 2012.

On Time Performance (OTP) for the quarter averaged 87 per cent and seat load factor was 74.5 per cent compared to 75.9 per cent in the same period last year, it said.

Despite intense competition and sluggish markets particularly in Europe, Revenue per Available Seat Kilometer (RASK) was up marginally by one per cent as a result of improved yield management and pricing segmentation.

Yields improved three per cent in the third quarter of 2012 q-o-q.

Source -- BERNAMA

Excruciating Calmness

Somehow I just couldn't take the pain last night and I called a cab and check myself in the ward. I am thankful to the hospital staff first of all. Everything went super smooth and I was check into my ward within 15 minutes.

What makes it funny was, I had pack two different pair of socks stupidly. But that's out of the point. Honestly I don't know if I should be calling my parents or not. I am yet so far and there ain't anything they could do at this very moment right? And Imma gonna text Mr D after this post.

I really am at a very blurred state actually. Since last night, I didn't even call anyone about me bing hospitalize. At the back of my mind, what could they do even if I call them right? Or in a way I'm just trying to convince myself that everything is gonna be fine. I signed the papers and push the date for my chemo to be done today instead of end of the week.

I am thinking since the pain attacks are so frequent, why not just enjoy the pain in one shot. I know someone would slap me and call me a sadist or something right now if he was reading this. I don't know why, I just don't feel that it is a sad thing or something bad. Or am I just use to it?

I really don't know. I know my lame jokes are still lame. But the thing is I really don't wanna mourn through all these events. There isn't anything I could do to prevent all these from happening, I gotta face at the stage I am, I have nothing to lose right? Or it's the meds talking. Haha.. No idea.

I just want to be at a neutral or happy state when things get outta control. At the the emotions imma going through are the power I had over with. Just trying not to think much about it. At the moment, I'm gonna just enjoy my breakfast and read through some blogs. It's gonna be a good day.

Evolution Of Sounds - Marching Bands

Since I am feeling sicky today. And I came across something I use to have so much passion in it. Marching bands. So, taking my time to do some research on the topic since I was staying in tonight. So, what I am focusing on are the bands in Malaysia in general.

Walking down memory lane, I still remember the first time we participate on the national arena in 1997. Till today, we could see that the evolution of the bands through time. But sadly, there are many who are still stuck in the yester years. In recent years, I believe many still think that a group of bands in Malaysia are monopolying the competition stage. But my question is, Is it all because some judges are being bought? Sometimes, when I look at the comments on those videos on YouTube, it is really sad. Honestly, there are so much potential in many bands in Malaysia. Big or small. Some schools have the funding but what makes it sad are people who refuses to change through time.

As the years passes, we now could see marching bands with the introduction of color guards and also the use of pit percussion. Drum-lines  Foot works and formations are getting sharper and interesting. But the question still lies why there are only those group has always been on top of the podium. So, putting things in the perspective one by one.


I think many of those out there are still relatively confuse when it comes to this part. Just one simple question. What are good sounds? Many people don't really realize sounds are the soul to a band. Making sound is easy. But making good sounds is tough. But to achieve good sounds is relatively quite easy to be honest. Polishing up the basics. I still remember there is a statement made by my band instructor when I was still in school. There are many bands wanted to introduce color guards into the competition in the late 90s. And he snap at that statement with this. 
Color guard??? Make sure that the color tone isn't crap then we shall talk about color guard.
Those band like Sultanah Asma Marching Band and Keat Hwa Marching Band spent years and years polishing basics. What they are lucky off is having a band director to know where are the bands heading to. Choosing of songs. In terms of choosing songs, it isn't about what songs are nicer when we listen to the demo pieces before purchasing. Many things needed to put into consideration. Are the members able to achieve on how the songs were suppose to be. It isn't about what songs are greater or how high the solo might be. What really reflects on whole is how to create that effect with the sounds are played.

Many wonder why that many bands overseas, high schools, universities, and professional bodies like DCI are way crazier in terms of sound. But when we look at how they do it. It all comes back to basics. How to make sounds that portray grandeur? How to make sounds that feels like attacking? How to make the whole band sounded fierce? All these effects comes from tone color. And also part of it from arrangements of the songs. But putting back into view, these band shows what it takes to evolve and also not just being national champions but also world champions. Choose the right Repertoire and theme.

Color Guard

In a marching band or a drum and bugle corps, the colorguard is a non-musical section that provides additional visual aspects to the performance. The marching band and colorguard performance generally takes place on a football field. They perform alongside the marching band. 

The purpose of the colorguard is to interpret the music that the marching band or drum and bugle corps is playing via the synchronized spinning of flags, sabres, rifles, the air blade, and through dance. The color guard uses different colors and styles of flags like swing flags and tapered flags to enhance the visual effect of the marching band as a whole. Color guard also may use backdrops to bring color and scenery to the field if the concept of the show is hard to interpret. The number of members in a colorguard can range from a single person to over 20 members. This is often dependent on the size of the band, school or corps, the allotted budget, and the talent available among the potential members who try out.

Since the guard is the a visual component the performance, often the uniforms, flag design, or costumes match the theme of the tunes the band plays. But bare in mind that Colorguards has to be part of the show. Not just a show of it's own. Many bands have the potential to side track. Colorguards are meant to enhance the visual effect of the whole show in general. But what sadly happens to many bands around is they are just sidelines just to get extra marks or points.

Pit Percussion 

In a marching band, the front ensemble or pit is the stationary percussion ensemble. This ensemble is typically placed in front of the field, though some groups will work the front ensemble into a tight pod onto the marching field.

The main emphasis of the pit in a band style groups are the mallet instruments: marimba, vibraphone, bells and xylophone.

Pit members will sometimes operate auxiliary equipment such as props, either inside or outside of the pit area. In indoor drumline, the front ensemble may not necessarily be placed at the front as the name suggests. The show designers place the pit where it would be most effective for the show. 

General Effects

So, this is the interesting part of the whole topic. What does this topic mean. I guess this is where things goes wrong. Whenever it comes to general effects, many were confused about how does this work actually. Lemme put it into the most simple way. Adding all the aspects above into one. With the formations, foot works, sounds, drumline, colorguards, and pit percussion to create the whole show. How to make the whole show interesting. What I realize over the years, supporters goes by the team. Of course I am not denying I have my own picks, but I am objective somehow. In general, to me no matter who are my favorites, I still wish that the best win.

But how could this be determine? Yes in the years of competition, there are years where unfair judging happened. But yet, competitions are always objective. I guess no matter what are the competitions or works done in any aspect, it happens. But sometimes, we have to bare this in mind. To have a healthy competition and a longer life span in these arena, we have to move forward. Not looking back on how we actually were in years back. Many refuses to change and many doesn't have the funding towards this field. It is sad sometimes to see many potential good bands to die off year by year.

I guess for bands to survive, we really need to put our heads together. So many potentials and so many that could be great contender of the top podium. Guess that we have to put down our outer ego and move forward. Music should be a tool to bring unity not hatred. No matter who the winners are, may the best wins. I am looking forward to 2013 Sultanah Asma production. Just a little hint.. A land where lions exist. My imaginations are running wild. Time for me to sleep. Nitey Y'all, and sorry for posting such boring topic. :P

Monday, November 26, 2012

Due Again

My chemotherapy is due again. Somehow I don't know why, I do find a lot of peace in Red by the amazing Taylor Swift. I think she really converted me to be on Team Swify now. Today is a little harder compare to the earlier days. I don't know how does this help but rambling here surely made it easier for me to go on.

I had a wonderful day with my boys in the afternoon for lunch. I got myself a nice book to keep me company for the next few days. So far, I am loving it. I got my Twilight book. I think it will company me and make my day. Thanks to Shin Yong to reckon me this.

Feeling my meds kicking in actually. The effect is pretty strong. Stronger than I actually expect it to be. It's barely 8pm and I am already dozing off. And I really should stay off twitter. Hopefully I won't be spamming everyone with nonsense. And seriously, I don't know what I am writing here either. My mind just couldn't be at the right state. There was so much I wanna talk about earlier. But it just.. Ah.. Nevermind.. I should just log off and stay in bed tonight.

KL Kita by Yuna Featuring Qi Razali

Well, so far it has been well for me. Thanks for all the wishes guys. Before heading back to the hospital today, I am so happy I gotta hang out with my boys later for lunch. Anyway, I wanted to share something that happened this morning. While I was heading to get my usual cuppa coffee, I got a tweet by an old friend of mine back in Malaysia.

I love what he shared with me. It is latest movie coming out this 2013. The OST "KL Kita" sounded awesome with Yuna and Qi Razali. The vibe was pretty awesome. so, here you go. I hope you guys will like it as much as I do. Really hope that this movie Kolumpo will be out when I come back to Malaysia. So proud of you James! So far what I see, I love it a lot! Can't wait to catch it! Hope to see you too when I get back next year.
Anyhow, no idea what is with me, just a little mellow I suppose. Somehow I was reflecting about what was going on through out the year. Not that I wanted to be in that state. It just happen in a way. Somehow I felt that somehow what are the difference being in the industry between cultures. Hmm.. I don't really know how to put everything down in words somehow. Argh... Forget about it. Maybe should just let it go somehow.

Well, counting down the days now on my upcoming vacation. And not forgetting my birthday bash with my besties. And still, I am still missing you a lot. Just don't know why but I just did. And I wonder where Mr D is?!?!?! He has been extremely quiet since he left to Singapore! I need ya zombie! Mana you?!?!?!

Alrighty, enjoy the video. Heading out with my boys soon. I gotta get ready. And to all my friends in Malaysia, nitey!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not So Well

These are just one of the days I suppose. I am actually pretty glad that I wasn't in that much of pain in these few weeks till tonight. I have to say it wasn't that bad, but I just gotta get use to it. Somehow, I really had the past weeks without such crazy pain. Medications seems to be still working at the moment. But I know I gotta head down to the hospital in the morning to get everything checked.

Thinking back a few post I have written months ago. A Half Life. I certainly know it goes away somehow. It always does. It comes, it goes. I am not feeling any negativity tonight to be honest. It is somehow just understood that the life I am living in. I kept telling myself that sometimes, we cannot always hope for the best. But what we could is just make the best of what we have. I do not blame anyone or a higher power for this life. This is somehow a life of mine. I am somehow blessed.

I have the chance to live in my dreams. I am given the freedom to be who I am with unconditional love from my family. What else I could ask for right? But we humans always have things to ask for. Not that I am complaining. Haha.. there is one little department in my life that isn't complete yet so far. My bestie, Rainer always tell me that everything happen for a reason. I couldn't not agree with her in many ways. Life just works in it's own wonderful way.

By the way, just wanna slip in this bit of great news. The amount of listeners on Fix You cover by Pia and Jared was abnormal this weekend. I wanna thank everyone that have like that song and supported the victims in any way. It just inspire us to do more for the society through music. I am really thankful for that. Anyhow, I just hope I don't end myself in ward again tomorrow. That would definitely suck. Argh.. Not thinking Eric! Keep chewing your chewable vitamins. Oh, that, it is one of my little ways to make me happy. I know, weird! Alrighty, time to watch The Good Wife. Have a great night y'all.


What a way to wake up to beautiful Scandinavian tunes. I really wish to share it over on my Mixpod but sadly it stated that it is shutting down. Sigh. For now I still see the player is still working. I need to start monitoring till it stop working. Until then, I am still gonna hunt for some good user friendly player for my blog. (Since I am a noob on computers)

But back to the song. Since I am having my holiday now, I am trying to reinvent myself in a way. Listening to all sorts of music and I came across Scandinavian tunes. I found this beautiful tune called Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal) if I spell that right. It comes back to the fundamentals of music.

Many times, I realize many(we) tend to maximize the arrangements to cover up all the little things. Which I am not saying that is a good thing. But as we come across many singers that really couldn't sing but still.. It isn't a writers choice. So yeah, we tend to do more hardcore arrangements. But today, when I listen to this tune especially. I just feel like crying. (Which is in a good way) Sitting here in the sofa just felt so right with this emotion. It just flows through me. I don't understand about the language but it made me felt like something really dear to the heart was lost. Something stronger than love.

The moment I listen to it, it shoot across me like an arrow. No autotune, no cover ups. Beautifully raw with emotions. I come to a point since I wrote "The Next Chapter" I haven't been doing music like this. I think as we are in the industry, we really need to reflect from time to time to remember that what we are doing is for the music. Not fame not money not desires. But the passion. Many people now aren't doing the same much nowadays.

After listening to the song, I just pick up my phone and called Cow. Simply she is one person that could relate to what I am feeling? (Hahaha.. I know.. I am full of crap) But in many ways, I don't know if I did a good thing or a bad thing. After she listen to it, she just told me one thing.

"Ricky, I think I should stand on my grounds on my next album. I should be doing music that really I could relate. Showcase my pain, my happiness, and my tears. Not just another pop album"
Seriously, I wish I could do that with her again. But the last time we did, it was a total crap. I mean to us, we are really proud of the songs that we wrote and it was really personal. But to the critics, a little too personal till that it isn't mainstream at some point. Of course I do understand what the label thinks. And fans will be fans. People want songs that they could relate to in their own way. Even though I thought sometimes, it was a little "over" related. Many songs wasn't about love relationships but people just couldn't stop relating it to it. Whatever. I should stop mumbling. Grr... Focus.

But standing on her point of view, I could understand why that she wanted us to do that with her. But many people still need to go on with life I suppose. (Like me and I repeat, writers earn peanuts and no we don't get royalty.) But there is a will there is a way I suppose. So far, I guess my soundcloud speaks quite loudly. People wanted songs they can relate to. I see it clearly on the counts on each track. So, I really wish I could do that. But it isn't my call. I need to stand where music could speaks by it's own. Nothing big, just simple and everything just will soar into our hearts. For now, it is just a wish that I could say, far reach.

One thing I always say, there is a place where words couldn't mean anything but music speaks it all.

Forever Is Just A Word

"Some have a lifetime, some just a day.
Love isn't something you measure that way.
Nothings ever forever.Forever is a lie.
All we have is between hello and goodbye."

All I want is not forever, only a lifetime..
Perhaps it's enough for me to live up my life.

I don't know why something should come and screwed up my everything,
and suddenly just left me with nothing.. I'm wondering why, maybe it's God's plan..
well, who knows? ;)

I used to have million promises with someone in the past.
Don't know if that person still remember it or not.
now a broken promise is just like a debt unpaid.

“Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day”
I had so many wishes that someone turned it into a promise to me.
But well, I had my fair share of breaking promises in the past, but I guess I had paid my dues.

Well, suddenly I'm afraid that it will happen again..
But if I really don't deserve to have so many wishes, just promise to grant me one.
which is : A promise of yes that does not turn to no..
and I will be just fine.. :)

No matter what, I am gonna keep smiling through my days ahead. It has been a tough day for me with the pain attacks and all. But glad I made it through so far. Meds seems to work and Mr D is always there to make it easier for me.

It is always fun to FaceTime with Mr. D. The bitch mode is on right when I hear his voice. ( it was even before i see him ) Hope he would have a great weekend off in singapore. Damn I just misses you very much! Can't wait to see you on the 18th.

Gonna sleep with a big smile! Good night y'all!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

MAS Commences Twice Daily KL-London Return A380 Operations

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) today commenced the twice daily A380 Kuala Lumpur-London-Kuala Lumpur services with the inaugural daytime flight MH4 departing KL International Airport (KLIA) for the United Kingdom (UK) capital at 10.45 am.

In a statement, the national carrier said this double daily was made possible after it received the third and fourth 494-seater A380 aircraft on November 19 and yesterday, respectively.

Effective today, the daytime flight MH4 will depart KLIA at 10.45 am daily and arrives at London Heathrow at 4.15 pm the same day. The return flight MH1 departs London daily at 10.00 pm and arrives at KLIA at 6.20 pm the next day.

The MH2 departs KLIA at 11.40 pm and arrives in London at 5.50 am the following day. The return flight MH3 departs London at 12.00 noon and arrives at KLIA at 7.25 am the next day.

"The double daily A380 service is part of our business plan to win back customers by gradually expanding our fleet with new aircraft featuring state-of-the-art passenger amenities.

"Complemented by our award-winning cabin staff, we are confident that such attributes will continue to drive revenue and loads, and our return to profitability," said Group Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

The airline also introduced a special service on the daytime A380 flight for children between the ages of five and 15, aimed at raising awareness of onboard safety in a fun way.

It said young passengers will be taken on a tour on the upper and main deck in economy class.

"The young ones will be briefed on the A380 aircraft galleys, get a chance to try out the cabin attendants' seats, life jackets and even take a peek at the crew bunk," it added.

MAS A380 is the only full service carrier to offer direct services between Malaysia and the UK, said the company, adding the new service has improved its weekly seat capacity by 37 per cent in both directions.

MAS is the eighth operator in the world of the new A380 aircraft series, and will receive its remaining two A380 by the first quarter of 2013.

Source -- BERNAMA

Shut Up Eric!!!

The thing with me is I couldn't keep my mouth shut when it comes to celebration! I know I can't blog anything about it or even the slightest hint cause I know that particular person will be reading this.

So it comes down to what should I do! Ok, I just realize Imma totally screwed! I really couldn't even give out the slightest hint! Fine.. Talk about something else! Oh yeah, I'm back in Boston now. Finalizing some details now, couldn't wait to move to NYC by next year.

I am really an asshole aren't it? My mind is just like full with the event that is coming up next month! Grrr.. Focus Eric! Don't go there!! *Slaps*

It will be 3 more weeks before I am flying off again. I couldn't wait to start my trip to these beautiful country. Honestly, I still haven't really planned in details during my vacation. Sri Lanka and Nepal would be really new to me. India will be my second time back there. I really gotta take that time to sort out transportation before I even set foot there. But maybe because I'm back home here in Boston. Everything just kicks in. I just don't feel like doing anything but just have all the "me" time that I could.

Sometimes, I really do think back what if that really did happen to me. But sometimes, I am not in position to really think about that. I don't know why but this kinda cold clear weather makes me misses you very much. It feels like 2'C now. I realize it was really long since I last met you. Can you believe it, it is almost 6 months now since I left.

But again, like I say, it isn't my stand to call. But what I really could say is, I really misses you very much! I couldn't wait to be back in Malaysia to see you. And sorry to post such crap again! I will try to refrain from this!

Airbus Moves First A350XWB Airframe To Static Test Hall

Airbus has moved the A350-900 static test airframe from the final assembly hall across the airport to the L34 static test hall. The airframe will be put into a rig ahead of about one year of static testing. The campaign includes ultimate load tests and margin research.

The static test airframe is the first A350 to have undergone final assembly. Currently one other airframe, MSN001 is in the final assembly jigs in the Roger Beteille hall. MSN001 will be the first A350 to fly. Airbus says first flight will take place next summer.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Boeing delivers 75th 737 for Malaysia Airlines fleet

Boeing and Malaysia Airlines celebrated the direct delivery of the airline’s 75th 737 aircraft during an event at Boeing Field earlier this week.

The airliner, a Next-Generation 737-800, is scheduled to arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today.

“The 737 has been an amazing airplane for our airline,” said Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, chief executive officer of Malaysia Airlines.

“When we took off on our own as Malaysia‘s national airline on 1 October 1972, our inaugural jet flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore was operated using the 737. Since then this aircraft has been a very reliable workhorse for both our domestic and regional operations. We continue to be impressed by the 737’s consistent reliability, unmatched economics and innovation in passenger comfort.”

The aircraft comes with the 787 Dreamliner-inspired Boeing Sky Interior, which features larger pivoting overhead stowage bins, larger window reveals and LED lighting to enhance the sense of spaciousness. Malaysia Airlines was the Asia launch customer for the Boeing Sky Interior in October 2010.
Boeing 737-800 Next-Generation for Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines receives 75th Boeing 737 aircraft with bright new livery

The livery on the new Boeing does not follow the fresh look recently seen on newly delivered Airbus A380 aircraft to Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines took delivery of its first 737 in 1972 and has operated the 737-200, 737-300, 737-400, 737-500 and 737-800.

“We’re proud of our 40 years of partnership with Malaysia’s leading airline,” said Dinesh Keskar, senior vice president of Asia Pacific and India Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

“With its new five star Skytrax rating and award for best cabin crew, passengers will have a first-class in-flight experience on board their brand new 737.”

The Next-Generation 737 family has won more than 6,600 orders and has a diverse backlog exceeding 2,600 airliners. Malaysia Airlines has an additional 35 737 aircraft on order.

With more than 5,550 aircraft in service, the 737 family represents more than a quarter of the total worldwide fleet of large commercial jets flying today. More than 358 airlines in 114 countries fly 737 jets.

A Thousand More

I know Imma little late to talk about this movie but yes, finally I watched it. The Twilight final installment. Breaking Dawn Part 2. I always dig into all kindas love story. Even some indie film. But this film is one of the ones in my list. I know loads of my friends hate this movie.

After watching the movie, I felt a suddenly calmness in me. Somehow this movie was accompanying me through part of my life in the past. I remember that when New Moon was released in 2009, the year that I was single again. And the new moon somehow reflects the pain of Bella in it. Something that was being forced on her. Maybe that is partially why I dig into the series that much I think.

But what really makes me feel the calmness was it is a story about really strong bonds. Family bonds, Friends, and love. Yeah, I could tick 2 of the column among 3 of that. But what really does give me that edge was a mothers love. A choice of giving up for what is best for the little child. A choice to be taken to ensure the survival of her offspring.

It really makes me feel sometimes, what mothers would do to just make sure what is the best for their kids. I miss my mom like a lot even it's just like few weeks now. But I know somehow, she never stops me from what I wanna do and what I wanna be. And even the fight she has put on for my own condition. She knew what was the best and what I wanted in life.

Friends, no need for me to go further. No matter where I am, there are always there for me. Dumdum, Cow, Dino, Rainer, Mr D, and many many more. You guys have been my pillar. And love, I really don't care what is will be in the future. Every step I have taken now it is really what is best for us. I miss you. But there ain't gonna change anything for us. You made your point, and I have made mine. But what I am sure that you will always be there for me and so will I for you. And the lyrics for A Thousand Years by Christina Perri on part 2 of Breaking Dawn, just fits in perfectly. I think will be my dope for the next few days on my iTunes.

Somehow, everything has come a full circle now. Just having everything in place and living every minute every second. A great movie for thanksgiving this year for me.

Openly Gay Teen Commits Suicide Because of Anti-gay Bullying

A 15-year-old openly gay teen has committed suicide after allegedly suffering repeated anti-gay bullying at school and online, according to Rome's chief deputy prosecutor, Pierfilippo Laviani.

The boy, identified only by his first name and initial -- Andrea S. -- hanged himself at his family home Wednesday evening. "AS" was reportedly sent home from school Tuesday after school officials reprimanded him for his frequent wardrobe consisting of pink trousers, a pink shirt, and painted fingernails.

AS attended Cavour High School, located in Rome's central district.

According to Laviani, AS hanged himself with a scarf in front of his younger brother, who alerted his parents. Laviani also indicated that the teen had been open about his sexual orientation with friends, family, and school officials.

Laviani announced that his office had launched an investigation after the teen's parents found a series of disturbing posts on his Facebook page. Laviani confirmed that the teen had suffered "torment and gone through hell" as a result of the daily abuse by classmates, one of whom had apparently created a fake profile on Facebook deriding the youth for his choice of colorful clothes.

Italy, where more than 85 percent of the population are Roman Catholic, has one of the worst records for LGBT rights in Europe, and has no protections for sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace or in public accommodations, or bullying laws which include anti-gay bias.

Same-sex relationships are not recognized in national law, and it is not legal for same-sex couples to jointly adopt.

A recent bill proposed by the Partito Democratico party last year to prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination and bullying failed on the second reading in the Italian Parliament.

"Now we need a law against homophobia, it’s up to the parliament," said Vincenzo Branà, a spokesperson for Arcigay Il Cassero, an LGBT advocacy organization. "But local governments have to do something as well. They have to launch helplines and associations against homophobia."

"This is an emergency, now. We are going to have more children die," said Branà.

On Thursday evening, a crowd of several hundred gathered near the famed Roman Colosseum for a candlelight vigil on Via di San Giovanni, and marched to the high school on Via Cavour of Carine with most of those in attendance wearing pink ribbons in the teen's memory.

Source and credits to Mark Singer from LGBTNATION

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Flew out from LA to Dallas. I will be in Burleson for the festive celebration. Just me and a whole lot of family of a close friend of mine. Even though she isn't here, her brother always made me feel home whenever I visit. The flight from LA to Dallas was ok. Travelling coach for the first time after a long time. Hahaha.. Yes, I am travelling coach cause I am paying it myself.

Been doing some thinking for these past few days. The amazing thing about life is whenever we feel that it is cold, it gets warm. Somehow, having to spend the holiday with friends is way better than doing it myself. I get to realize many times in life, whenever I put myself into that position thinking what I am going through, I tend to just close all my doors. It isn't that others wouldn't understood what I am going through. But just that I hate showing my pain to them.

But anyhow, it has been a good year for me. Despite of the in and out visit to the hospitals. I realize I always have all that I didn't even dare to ask for. For that, I am really thankful to all my friends that is always around me. I made a little wish for this year to come. As for thanksgiving, the spirit is to give back to the society as what I am able to.

We just finish a song that we recently record, to give back to those that are suffering. It will be on iTunes this coming 30th. And all proceeds will be going to the Redcross to aid every single soul that have been suffering after hurricane Sandy. So as for my readers, stay tune, as I will be releasing it over here too in just days.

After Dallas, I will be heading back to Boston I suppose and start packing for my trip back to KL on the 17th and my long awaits vacation. Honestly, I still haven't really plan on what to do in those 3 beautiful countries. And also time to start practicing my camera skills. It will be amazing over there. Anyway, I know I am really blessed with love and care no matter where I am. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All That Matters In Music

Pick all my weeds but kept the flowers.
I remember when Cala told us about this and we started to put all this into place. It was like a beautiful puzzle. And the best part was Aben put this song to live with that amazing arrangement. Cow was so excited about it and we finish everything that night. It was just a rush doing this song. Musically, it's almost hypnotic. You just get lost in it, it's just so beautiful. This song is about surviving something you think you can get past or over. Addiction towards our desires. Nothing in particular. A metaphor.

Whenever we were looking things at a brighter side, we tend to forge how we really manage to walk out from the dark side of it. The beauty of being about to stand from the depth of our own desires. This song particularly put us in that world where we really just wanted to feel what we wanna hide.

Maybe it doesn't really make sense to many, but to get it right, we should be proud of the slump that we were. Maybe the song would speak better than my words.

Healing is a part of us to get ourselves back right on. Honestly, it was kinda a little let down for us since the label rejected our vision. But we had that coming since the idea pop up in our mind. But the best part of it, we are gonna somehow do a compilation of our own. Since we will be on the road a lot for the greatest hits launch, we got a lot of time together to write.

Both of us are not really in good shape emotionally. Which is why it is the best time to start writing. I know this sound kinda sick. But a songs that people could relate is what and where our hearts are. Pain and being vulnerable is one of the easiest to feel. I know that someone would wanna just slap the both of us now if he is reading this. But you know that it is what we do best.

I couldn't really say that this is right or wrong, but sometimes, it is when what we feel is being triggered, we tend to let it in. I remembered a few nights back, I was just in the bath tub, and honestly I didn't know what I wanna do. It felt like I was sinking in it. Somehow, it felt right. And somehow, yes, I won't deny that at the weirdest part to have inspiration to write a song. I don't really know what to name the song just yet, but a few names has been popping through my mind. One of my top picks is - Divine. I don't know, let's see how the lyrics comes out first.

Sometimes, I do ask myself how long more I wanna do this. But the answer is never really a firm one. I know somehow that writing music is what I really wanted. Sharing it to the world is what I could do. I don't know, but if there is that one person who really could let me slow things down, I somehow would. But never for good. I just never wanted to stop sharing all this to every single soul out there.

And looking what I have just wrote, I got no idea at all what am I actually rambling about too. Mental note, never blog when you wake up in the middle of the night. It's almost 4 in the morning now. Better get my rest, a long day for all of us tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Vow

Since I didn't wanna get out from my room all day. I decided to be those cheesy kinda person who had pay-per-view movies and stay in. And no it's isn't porn. I came across this amazing movie. The Vow. Somehow, I am really a sucker for romantic drama. But how that movie impacted me is something that really matters to me. 

The Vow is a 2012 romantic drama film directed by Michael Sucsy, starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum (Not to mention how hot he is in the movie with and without clothings.). The film is based on the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.

The Vow is based on the actual relationship of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, who wrote a book about their marriage, also known as The Vow. Ten weeks after their wedding on 18 September 1993, the couple was in an automobile accident in which Krickitt suffered brain trauma, which erased memories of her romance with Kim as well as their recent marriage. Kim, however, was still madly in love with his wife, although she viewed him as a stranger after the accident. But in the end, love brought them back together. But her memory never came back. How? Watch the movie! It's really good.

Alright, I am not having that kinda love drama in my love. But what really impacted me isn't something that really reflects how we see life. For some reason, I gotta thank Mr D for putting everything in perspective for me in life. What I am blessed is what kinda support we both given each other. No matter how bad things could be. I know he is one that I could always lean on. Thankful that he is always there for me. It has been a good long year for us. And many more to come. :)

Honestly, I can't wait to see him this mid Dec before going off for my long trip. I really miss ya loads. Back to the movie. Another perspective of it was acceptance. I don't need to go into details with this. If there is anyone in this world I could be myself it will be you. For all the right and wrong reasons, no matter what we are to be, you always have that faith in me too. I just don't know sometimes that how things could be if you weren't here. I don't know, maybe after watching this movie, I kinda understood more about why all the messed up emotions I was feeling the whole day. Sometimes, being able to accept them is way easier than just putting everything into place. 

Anyway, great movie! At least it helps me with all that melancholy I was going through. Time to sleep I suppose. Good night y'all.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Embracing The Inner Emotions

Whenever I push that button to go forward too fast and extreme, I tend to be vulnerable on a crash landing. Sometimes, it isn't about the things we are going through. It is all that we tend to ignore and hide it under the rug. And facing the dust that was trapped under is just a matter of time.

The emotions that were held up is now fighting to get through me. Sometimes, or I should say I push them away all the time. Especially when I have work to be done. And now, it was just perfect for it to fight it's way out again. In another way of saying it, song writing mode is on.

Sometimes life, gives us a different route. But sometimes, there is always a good in every way it is. I had a heart to heart talk to two besties of mine. Both of them just asked me the same question.

"Tell me honestly how is your condition. I can handle it. I just wanna know. Good or bad."

Honestly, I wish I knew how to answer this simple question. I asked myself many times. But the thing is it will never be a clear direction of how things could be or how things could get. When you think it will be bad and ugly, it will just give it a twist. Whenever you think that it will be good and well, it ill go the other round. But on how I see it, take a step at a time.

There are many things that I wish I could just do without thinking it over. But there are also times that I need to just let go of things I wanted to do. As irony as it could get, learning to accept and being able to feel is one solution. There are many occasion that I wish to put on that kinda personal writings in our music. But we both know it will be a niche demand for it. As much as you wanted too, the fact is we knew that the label will say no. As much as we both are trapped, but we will somehow make it through. Just that the timing isn't now.

But how I wanted my path to be? Fact is, I finally felt tired. I needed that rest. Yet the heart felt like a piece of organ that doesn't belong. And without a way to end that pain, the hunger grows. And eventually the heart just got numb. I just wish I could understand a little better, and maybe that emotion will be different.

Out of the blue, a really good friend send me this. And finally, it just made sense to me now.

Embrace the void, fill the surreality and exhale the rush. You will see what can be done next, even though it might just be silence rush. - by A.K.

Again... Seriously!?!?!

As much as I wanted to deny this, I gotta say that I think my friends are right I need to get back to the game! I got back to my hotel around 9plus after the awards show, and I think I fell asleep before 10pm. And here we go again with this weird dreams! Wanted to categories it as nightmare but yet I bet loads of you think it should be a vivid sex dream instead.

Like seriously, I think my celibacy term gotta end and get back to the game. I mean it isn't I don't enjoy those crazy dreams but I hate waking up in the middle of the night and stay awake the whole night. And for the record, it isn't a sex dream of any kind.

It was really weird. I was with this whole bunch of hot studs. But the thing is, I don't recognize any of them but yet it turn out to be that they are like my close buddies. I think the dream took place in a locker room or some sort. Everyone is like stripping down naked. I am not sure that anyone are having sex or what but it sure is like a turn on.

The thing was there was this stud who stayed close to me like a close buddy or something. Kept like seducing me with all those touches and all. But before anything could happen, I walked out from the locker room. And guess what, I am in that kinda in a really high end school campus. But the thing is now that I am naked on with my towel walking through school grounds back to my room. There ain't any fleet of stairs at all. Using elevators. Could you believe that?

But the thing that got me woken up was that this buddy of mine isn't shy. He has like the most beautiful body like I have ever seen. Greek gods like. and he kept hitting on me. And the part that I woke up was while walking pass the teacher's lounge, he just pinned me down onto this really nice sofa and start snogging me! I panic and here I am. Great!

Like seriously!!! What is wrong with me! And now the worst part is I can't believe and I don't know why am I blogging about this. I should just go back to sleep! Good night.

Snapshots From The AMAs

From my roomie who is such a lucky bitch! He was around to watch the whole show front stage! How I wish I got his job! But here you go guys! Enjoy! Credits to Ron Barrimore for the pictures! Even some of them are blur! 😜😝😛


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